Dealing with CYSTITIS

Cystitis is the kind of thing that can plague a woman for life. Most women will only suffer from it once, but then there are us truly blessed few who have the pleasure of suffering multiple bouts. 
It would appear I am one of those women.

If you are lucky enough to have no idea what cystitis feels like as it comes on, then cherish it, God knows if you knew the feeling you would do anything to not know it.
So this time around when I felt that familiar tingling, I knew what was coming for me. I was in the middle of two weeks annual leave from the office so I would not have to take any time off. But it was mine and Danny’s birthdays that coming weekend so I knew I had to be on fine form. Rather than fork out a whole load of money to see a doctor and get some antibiotics, I instead decided to hit the internet and sort it out the old fashioned way, perseverance… and a few home remedies.
If you have ever had cystitis you know full well peeing is the worst sensation in the world. It stings like hell and you end up feeling even more in need of a wee than you were before you went to the bathroom. Having read online that you need to flush the bacteria out of your body, I decided I needed to drink as much water as I could and keep going to the bathroom in order to flush out the bacteria. I did this and I must say this was probably the thing which made me feel better fastest. After a few hours, a few litres of water and more bathroom breaks than humanely possible I found it was easier to go to the bathroom, whilst I still constantly felt like I needed to go, it didn’t hurt too much so it didn’t scare me to try and go. This was great for me as the previous time I had cystitis I ended up locked in the bathroom for most of the day.
I find anytime I feel ill a hot shower always works it’s magic. In this instance I didn’t really shower so much as just stand under the water. I didn’t want to use anything perfumed as it would aggravate the situation so I just let the hot water run over me and it soothed my body and relaxed me.
If you feel the need to pee, get to the bathroom quick. Even if you only pass a little trickle it is better than holding it in. Every time you pee you are closer to getting rid of the bacteria and feeling right as rain. This can be inconvenient if you have to work but thankfully I have not had to work while I was suffering.
I had never drank this stuff before but the pharmacist recommended I drink it. I got a fruity, diluted version but she said it would work just as well if I did not want to have pure cranberry juice. I hate cranberry juice so definitely didn’t. I’m not sure what value barley water has in the cystitis battle but gosh it definitely helped and I found it very tasty.
Obvious reasons.
These sachets are crucial in getting rid of cystitis without visiting the doctor. They have cranberry extract in them and work all sorts of magic to make you right as rain. It is a two day course which you MUST finish. They taste horrid at the start but by the end you will love them, they are your best friend in this instance. I suffered for three days before I gave in and drank the sachets and then they relieved the symptoms REALLY fast. Needless to say I will always have them on stand by.
These are just some little tips to help you feel a bit better if you are struck down with Cystitis.
Is there anything else you would want tips on? Just let me know!!

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Things I can’t find the words to say…

**I realise that this is an ‘unscheduled’ blog post but when I set up this blog it was so that I could have a place to vent and that is what I need to do now. So you can feel free to skip this post as it would probably be of no interest to anyone. Normal posts will resume after my QFA exam.**
When my Nana died I knew it would hit me hard. If only I had realised how hard or that it would affect me more four years later than it did when it happened. Not that there would have been a lot I could do. It would still have happened.
I am never one to talk about my feelings or things that upset me. This blog was meant to help me do that yet in the excitement of becoming a ‘blogger’ I forgot that that’s what it was here for. To be honest when I went for counselling after my Nana died I barely even talked about my Nana, instead I blathered on about other crap. Perhaps I should have known then that problems would arise.
Now my Nana’s death affects me in a number of ways. Two main ways though.
The first is that I am missing things a lot more. Things I never thought I would miss. Like how my Nana made coddle or how good she could make soup from a packet. Things I will never again get to taste and it really makes me miss her and wish I had valued her more and bloody thought more of the things she did for me. You don’t realise until something is gone, how much you wish it was still here and how you should have made a better effort to indulge it whilst it existed.
While I can’t bring my Nana back I can do what I used to do, every so often, in her house and look through old photo albums which we thankfully have in our shed here in my house.
The other thing way I am affected is perhaps a much more detrimental one, and one I find it hard to describe. It is like I get into fits of rage over the littlest thing and I just SNAP. This might not be too bad but it’s always the most important person that this happens around. My boyfriend. Now he thinks it is a reflection on him but it isn’t. I have done this with anyone I have gotten close to over the past few years. Although with him it happens less often but it can be so severe. I go off on one and fight him until I walk out, dump him or say something so mean that I may as well have dumped him. Lately it hasn’t happened but when it does it is so bad. If I take a few minutes outside to breathe I normally calm down and come to my senses but normally this only happens when I storm out and the damage is already done. 
I adore Danny and this is not something I want to do to him. Yet it’s like I can’t control it, like I am possessed. And I am powerless to stop it. I recently did it again after it having not happened for a few weeks, I had earlier reflected on it and obviously jinxed myself, after the row I asked Danny why he thought it happened and he remarked that maybe good things scare me. I am beginning to see that he may be right, although perhaps it is more that I am afraid of going through another loss. 
I just wish I could fix it. He doesn’t deserve it and to be honest neither do I. There was a time when I thought maybe I was being manipulated into thinking I was in the wrong but I have realised I always am in the wrong. And I don’t deserve to go through a heartbreak I engineered. But how do I stop it when it is a force I am powerless toward…
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Now You’ve Got Your Results…

Time to brick it for the offers eh? I honestly wouldn’t bother.

When I was getting my results I was away in London which definitely softened the blow of not doing as well as I had hoped. What wasn’t any easier was hearing my Mum tell me that if I had put more effort in I would have done better and gotten my first choice course. However I believe everything happens for a reason and that I got the marks I deserved for the work I put in.

Besides there was enough crap going on in my life at that time that the mark I got was phenomenal considering.

So no I didn’t get into the course I wanted, but I did get into a course that shaped me as a person. Now I have a kick ass well paying job. No it wasn’t what I wanted to do then but it is what I want now. 

And I always have the choice to go back to college and be a teacher like I wanted and still have a good thirty year career out of it.

So just go with the flow, whichever offers you get, take advantage of it and look on the bright side, maybe it is meant to be.

I’m off to the launch of the Irish Blog Awards tomorrow. Stay tuned for posts on that and my Manchester trips this weekend!

I also want to just take a moment to reflect on the loss of Robin Williams. Whilst I never knew him he was a favourite of mine and was a strong figure as I grew up. I can only hope his soul is at peace and that the world remembers him not for his death but his work and life.

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The Importance of Date Nights

This is something  I genuinely wonder about on a day to day basis… How do relationships survive without date nights? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my relationship would fall apart if Danny and I stopped going out and having days where we get out and do things. But I really could see our relationship being a lot less enjoyable if that were to happen. I’m not saying we go on mad, over the top, extravagant day trips or activity days. But we do try to get out of the house and on the weekends we are rarely in the house. We might just do something simple like go for a walk or on a trip to browse a market, nothing very expensive.

Whilst I work a good job and Danny earns enough to survive renting a place to live, we aren’t exactly extremely well off. We manage though, without depriving ourselves of the things we like and at the weekend we allow ourselves our little luxuries. One of the tricks that allow us to afford this is being clever with money during the week.

Every Monday is Game of Thrones and Super Mario night. Danny will come over to mine to watch the newest Game of Thrones episode and play the Wii. On these days I would normally make dinner and we would get some junk food in. Either that or we would order in Dominos Pizza. The Dominos near my house is brilliant. The staff are friendly and helpful and always willing to honour the 50% off online offers. Unfortunately this was not the case with Danny’s local Dominos so we had to stop ordering from there.

We would normally see each other again later in the week, you can’t keep us apart, and again one of us would buy and make dinner as part of our weekly shop.

Then our weekend is all our own with minimal watching of the pennies.

Another great thing is that my local cinema only charges €6 to see any movie on a Wednesday, whilst we haven’t availed of this offer yet, it makes for a much cheaper cinema date, especially with so many good movies hitting the big screen over summer.

I think the thing that means Danny and I work is having our Game of Thrones night, which is something to look forward to every week, as well as making sure to get out of the house at the weekend. These are the things that stop relationships getting stale and monotonous. It’s when relationships get stale and monotonous that fights happen. Being able to talk to each other about anything helps too of course.

So this weekend, whether your relationship is exciting as anything or running a bit stale, get dolled up and go for dinner, or pack a picnic and go to the park. Do something that is not mundane and is not part of your normal routine. If you do, let me know how you get on in the comments. Also what do you do with your better half for date night? Comment below! 
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Dating Site Do’s & Don’ts

Hey guys!
I actually had this post planned for ages but rather than typing a big long ranty post about it I decided to record a big long ranty video instead so check it out.
I promise I will provide more insight into how I am getting on in the world of online dating over the next few weeks.
Are there any other videos you’d like to see me make specifically?
What are your do’s and don’ts for chatting to people online?
Let me know in the comments below.
I’d also love if you would give the video a like and subscribe to my channel.
Chat to you all soon.
Lynn Jo xox

My First Kiss | Cringe Alert

So as usual I was moaning about how desperately alone I am, and the shit luck I have with the male sex, when the wonderful Brian from told me I should blog more about dating and my experiences with guys. Now I know I told ya’ll that I was done talking about guys and relationships on the blog because they never work out. But there is no reason I can’t talk about experiences that happened in the past… right? As Brian said, the world wants “gossip and juice” so I am gonna give it to you. 
Here is the story of my first kiss.
(apologies to the poor lad who features in this, I really hope you never see this)
Okay so I have told you all about the Gaeltacht before. For those of you who don’t know it is basically where Irish kids go to the most cut off and remote locations in the West of Ireland to spend an intense three weeks learning Irish. We all bond and speak Irish constantly and do activities and it is actually a great laugh. I’d imagine, that like me, most Irish teenagers who went to the Gaeltacht would have had their first kiss there.
Mine was with a guy called Niall. Niall was lovely. I don’t remember fancying him throughout the course of the three weeks we were in the Gaeltacht, but I did think he looked like Draco Malfoy so that led me to have a slight thing for him. For some reason I did tell him he looked like Draco Malfoy (he really didn’t bar the slicked back blonde hair).
On our second last night in the Gaeltacht we had the luxury of going to the cinema. This was Niall’s last night there as he would be leaving the next morning, a day early, to go away or something. At this stage we were already a thing(so to speak) or else everyone knew I liked him so naturally I was made to sit beside him. I was very embarrassed and shy. I don’t like that kind of attention. 
Oh you’ll never guess what movie we went to see. Yeah you guessed it. It was Harry Potter. Chamber of Secrets I want to say but I may be wrong. Anyway Niall got his arm around me. Then whispered in my ear, “This one’s for Draco” and proceeded to make his move. I’ll spare you all the gory deets but it was horrible. 13/14 year old me was traumatized. My face was really wet after. I’m pretty sure I kissed no one else for like a year after as a result. 
But yeah. There we go. Sorry Niall but it was a terrible kiss and you didn’t look like Draco. We did stay a couple for like a month after though even though he lived in like Sligo and I lived in Dublin. Ah sure.
What past relationship stories would you lot like to hear? Let me know in the comments below.
Also send me in your first kiss stories. I will share my top 5 and might even send a prize to my favourite, just to make it all better.
All my love,
Lynn Jo. xox 

Following your dreams | Sunday Post.

I started my new job this week and it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been living such a chilled out life the past two months that getting back into a routine knocked me for six. I’ve been struggling to find inspiration and the energy to write. I love blogging and I love that I’ve posted almost everyday for the past while. But putting your whole life out there on the internet can be hard. Especially when you just don’t want to write.
Today though I got inspired… well five minutes ago. 
I have been friends with one guy on Facebook since August 2nd 2010. I was turning 18, he would have only been about 15. During that time I have grown up a lot and I have watched him grow up even more so.
We never talked, but these are things I saw happen in his statuses and updates. 
He has gone so far and suddenly has this amazing career brewing in front of him. He knew what he want and he got there and didn’t waste time studying for what he was already good at. He has an amazing future ahead of him and it sickens me a bit. He is only 18 and has already done so much more than I have. All I have done is get a degree.
But no more. I am going to start doing things and living my dream and achieving my goals.
Moving to London is the first step in all that and hopefully it will be all uphill from there. I can leave all the shit behind in Ireland and be done with it.

Even though this lad is three years younger than me I have always been too in awe of him and nervous to let him know how much he inspires me. Today I sucked it up and told him. It went much better than I ever imagined it could.

I guess what I am saying is suck it up and follow your dreams, take risks. Say what you want to say, it may not go down well but you said it. It’s better than playing games, be straight out and upfront. It’s refreshing.

All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Dressing For My Shape | Advice

So as you all know I have worked as a fashion advisor for the past 5 years. During this time I worked with ladies of all sizes and in the last 18 months of my time working in Clerys I worked with ladies from size 8 to size 26 so I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to dressing for different sizes and figures. 
I thought it was time I imparted some of my knowledge on you lot and tell you how I dress for my shape.
I really hope ya’ll can gain some wisdom from it and if you ever want me to do another post like this just tell me.
I am also willing to do some advising for people. For this you will have to email me your sizes and a full length photo to 😀
Okay so I suppose I better reveal my size to you.
I am 5’4″ and weight between 11 and 12 stone. I have 32DD boobs, but I haven’t gotten measured in about a year. I have wide hips and a bit of a butt and I carry most of my weight on my tummy and upper arms. I normally wear a size 12 in a top and a 12 or 14 in a bottoms. 
I have lost some weight and my figure is looking much slimmer and as a result I tried to wear tighter dresses but they just don’t suit me and my tummy so I am staying away from them now and sticking to what I know best.

Jeans & Trousers

When it comes to jeans I tend to wear high waisted jeans. I wear high waisted trousers too now I think of it. Because I carry my weight on my tummy I find that high waisted trousers and jeans hold in any bulge I might have and give my body a much more flattering silhouette. If I wear normal jeans that only come up to your hips they tend to sit just under my tummy and tend to highlight it. 
I also only wear skinny jeans as they suit me more than baggy jeans. I have quite big thighs so skinny jeans make my legs look slimmer rather than adding any extra fabric and bulk to them. With trousers I wear a tailored, slim trouser with a high waist that I can tuck a loose shirt into. I normally wear peg leg trousers or tailored ankle grazers.
I used to always wear bodycon skirts but I have stopped loving the idea of them lately. The only time I wear them nowadays is if I am wearing a long enough top and I want to add some extra length to it or I don’t feel confident enough wearing the top as a dress.
I tend to just wear skater skirts, high waisted skater skirts. My favourite skirt is a skater skirt I got in Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago if not more and by some miracle it still fits me. It has a panel on the waist with button detailing and it is just really flattering when it is on. I normally just stick to black as it is flattering but my skirts will always stop just before my knees and are teamed with black tights and low heeled ankle boots.
Like skirts I go for dresses with a bit of a kick. However I find that most dresses don’t fit me properly on top, which is why I tend to go for skirts and tops more often. However I have learned some tricks when it comes to buying dresses.
Stay away from dresses with zips. Unless they are a generous size 12 they zips just do not close. I wouldn’t normally go a size up on a dress unless I really had to because they don’t fit as well then or need alterations. 
When I buy dresses I buy them in a somewhat stretchy fabric. Now I know jersey isn’t the most flattering fabric so I normally wear some sort of support or slimming undies underneath to smooth out the silhouette.
I also try to wear dresses that have a little cap sleeve to hide my hideous bingo wings.
The last thing I normally go for in a dress is something that is cut in the middle. Whether it be a belt or a change in colour there has to be something in the middle to separate the top from the bottom or else it just will not suit me.
Tops & Blouses
I have started wearing alot of blouses or tops with collars as they can be tucked into whatever skirt I am wearing or worn long over a bodycon skirt and leggings. I have also started wearing alot of baggy flannel shirts as they hide my tummy and look nice and casual over jeans.
When I wear tight tops I try to get them with a bit of peplum at the end but if that fails I buy them in a V neck so that they draw attention to my cleavage rather than my tummy. It normally seems to work. I would sometimes wear a baggy waterfall style cardigan over them if I was having a particularly un-confident day.
I always make sure to wear boots with a bit of a heel as it gives the body a better silhouette and I hold myself better when I wear them as they give me that little bit of extra confidence.

I think I have covered most of the basics for the moment. If there is anything you want to ask please do and I will answer it as best I can.

I have just heard of this company that makes organic beauty products called Wapo. They are Irish and really reasonably priced as well as doing free delivery in Ireland. I can’t afford to buy any of their items to try out as all my money is going towards London at the moment. But I will hopefully be investing in their Bia Beauty Skin Superfood as a treat in a few weeks as it is looking like my ideal product, I will definitely review it and let you all know what I think whenever I do get the money together 😀 

[[Here is the link to their Skin Superfood, check out the rest of their site while you are there.]]
After listening to all those people who told me I should I have finally made a YouTube video. I already had one done previously but I hated it so I never uploaded it. Apologies if the video is crap I have been using my Dad’s laptop whilst waiting on a new charger for my MacBook. While my Dad’s laptop is faster for importing  videos I just prefer working with mine even though it is on it’s way out. I may look at splashing out to get my laptop completely fixed, though I have a feeling if I do I will have no money for London.
Let me know what you think. I will try to upload videos as often as possible. Though with the time it takes my MacBook to import and process them I don’t know how likely that is. I promise I will try though.
[[You can check that video out here.]]
There is now less than a week to enter my giveaway for an Adventure Time themed Christmas jumper so click this link and get your entry in!!
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Three | Reflection

Today I have taken a break out of my normal posting schedule for a slightly more serious post.
I’m sorry if this is not what you all like to read on my blog, but remember it is my blog and I can post what I want so…

All my life growing up I was extremely close to my grandparents. When my grandfather passed away I became even closer to my grandmother. I used to stay in her house every weekend and anytime I had time of school. Once I hit my teens I got to the stage where I hated my parents, saw them as the enemy and ended up spending more and more time with my nana.

A little more than three years ago my nana got sick and moved into my house so we could take care of her. She never left our house. Her condition deteriorated and my nana was moved to a hospice where she passed away in the early hours of October 14th.

Life after that was hard. I had only been in college about a month at that time and I really didn’t want to go back. While my nana was in the hospice my library books from UCD went overdue. I rang the college and explained the situation and they told me I HAD to bring back the books which of course I didn’t appreciate.
I really and truly didn’t want to go back to college. I think that really affected me going to college and my attendance.  I just wanted to leave… I did get through the year and I passed, I did quite well actually, but I just couldn’t face the social side of it. After my nana died I actually started becoming quite anxious in social situations. Something I had never done before… I was always quite confident before. I still appeared and do appear confident but now I over think things in advanced, I get sweaty palms, knots in my tummy all in advance of getting to something. 

At the end of both my first and second years of college I wanted to defer a year, not drop out, I knew I needed this degree. However thanks to one of my best friends, Ciara, I wasn’t allowed. We had to graduate together and that kept me going. Alot of my friends had various circumstances that meant their attendance in college was not all simple… If they could do it I could.

Now it’s time to all talk about how amazing I am 😛
In the past three years, bar being depressed, drinking alot and having my heart broken, I have achieved alot.
Lets start from the start. At the start of first year I ballsed up and modeled in a fashion show. This led to a lovely three year stint with the UCD Fashion and Design Society, the final year of which I was the Head of Hair. Something I am very proud of.
I also managed to finish first year with flying colours (bar that one class I had to compensate).

Then second year came along. I remained involved with the Fashion and Design Society and even considered running for my class rep. I chickened out of that but I was still very involved in my class. I went to Disneyland, got into a relationship and started trying to go to class and actually going there.I even moved out and tried to survive on my own in the big bad world.
Third year came along and with it came my position as head of hair. And some new friends. While I still had all my friends that I had since first year our group had definitely expanded. There were so many of us now. And of course we all had our separate friends. I met two of my closest friends that year. Unfortunately I am only in touch with one but between her and Ciara I have all the best friends I need.

Oh and get this, I graduated. Not with Ciara because of how UCD arranged it but we got to party together so it’s all okay.
In the past three years I have grown up so much, and I wonder if that would have happened had my nana still been alive. But that is something we can’t know. There is no need to dwell on ifs and buts but without her I would not be the person I am today.

I will see you all tomorrow. I think I will be doing a nail polish review.
And as always don’t forget to enter my giveaway for an Adventure Time themed Christmas jumper here.

All my love, 

Lynn Jo xox

The Great Gatsby | Cousin Date

Okay so crisis averted. I have a laptop whilst I figure out what to do about snapping my Macbook Pro charger. Really I shouldn’t invest another near €100 in a charger if I am planning on getting  a new Macbook. Only thing is my Macbook is totally broken but I can’t afford a new one. UGH I need help. Or a financial backer. I’d love an Ultrabook but seriously a new Macbook would make me happy and mean I could keep applying for jobs and blogging of course. 
ANYWAY, while I figure all that out I do have a temporary set up with my Dad’s laptop so we can all stay in touch and on top of things.

Anyway like my charity shopping post this has been sitting in my draft pile for a while. It’s something I want to write about but the main focus of this post is not the movie we saw but the circumstances we saw them under are what I am chatting about because I recommend them to everyone!

This particular screening of The Great Gatsby was in Cineworld Dublin and was on a few weeks after The Great Gatsby finished showing in the cinema. The night they run is called Take 2 Thursdays. Basically they are bringing back a number of the biggest movies of the year so you can catch them again. The price you pay for this privilege is €12, for this you get two tickets, two small drinks and a regular popcorn. And you get to see a movie you may have missed on the big screen.

The next movie they have on offer is The Heat on the 17th of October.
You can check out their site here.  

If ever you were looking for a cheap night out with someone special or some friends then this is the way to do it.
See you all tomorrow,
Lynn Jo xox
PS. Check out my makeup today, I really like it! I am also rocking a cute new outfit. I might post that all for you at some point so you can see who I am channeling. ALSO don’t forget to enter my giveaway here.