Dressing For My Shape | Advice

So as you all know I have worked as a fashion advisor for the past 5 years. During this time I worked with ladies of all sizes and in the last 18 months of my time working in Clerys I worked with ladies from size 8 to size 26 so I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to dressing for different sizes and figures. 
I thought it was time I imparted some of my knowledge on you lot and tell you how I dress for my shape.
I really hope ya’ll can gain some wisdom from it and if you ever want me to do another post like this just tell me.
I am also willing to do some advising for people. For this you will have to email me your sizes and a full length photo to chaneylynnjo@gmail.com 😀
Okay so I suppose I better reveal my size to you.
I am 5’4″ and weight between 11 and 12 stone. I have 32DD boobs, but I haven’t gotten measured in about a year. I have wide hips and a bit of a butt and I carry most of my weight on my tummy and upper arms. I normally wear a size 12 in a top and a 12 or 14 in a bottoms. 
I have lost some weight and my figure is looking much slimmer and as a result I tried to wear tighter dresses but they just don’t suit me and my tummy so I am staying away from them now and sticking to what I know best.

Jeans & Trousers

When it comes to jeans I tend to wear high waisted jeans. I wear high waisted trousers too now I think of it. Because I carry my weight on my tummy I find that high waisted trousers and jeans hold in any bulge I might have and give my body a much more flattering silhouette. If I wear normal jeans that only come up to your hips they tend to sit just under my tummy and tend to highlight it. 
I also only wear skinny jeans as they suit me more than baggy jeans. I have quite big thighs so skinny jeans make my legs look slimmer rather than adding any extra fabric and bulk to them. With trousers I wear a tailored, slim trouser with a high waist that I can tuck a loose shirt into. I normally wear peg leg trousers or tailored ankle grazers.
I used to always wear bodycon skirts but I have stopped loving the idea of them lately. The only time I wear them nowadays is if I am wearing a long enough top and I want to add some extra length to it or I don’t feel confident enough wearing the top as a dress.
I tend to just wear skater skirts, high waisted skater skirts. My favourite skirt is a skater skirt I got in Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago if not more and by some miracle it still fits me. It has a panel on the waist with button detailing and it is just really flattering when it is on. I normally just stick to black as it is flattering but my skirts will always stop just before my knees and are teamed with black tights and low heeled ankle boots.
Like skirts I go for dresses with a bit of a kick. However I find that most dresses don’t fit me properly on top, which is why I tend to go for skirts and tops more often. However I have learned some tricks when it comes to buying dresses.
Stay away from dresses with zips. Unless they are a generous size 12 they zips just do not close. I wouldn’t normally go a size up on a dress unless I really had to because they don’t fit as well then or need alterations. 
When I buy dresses I buy them in a somewhat stretchy fabric. Now I know jersey isn’t the most flattering fabric so I normally wear some sort of support or slimming undies underneath to smooth out the silhouette.
I also try to wear dresses that have a little cap sleeve to hide my hideous bingo wings.
The last thing I normally go for in a dress is something that is cut in the middle. Whether it be a belt or a change in colour there has to be something in the middle to separate the top from the bottom or else it just will not suit me.
Tops & Blouses
I have started wearing alot of blouses or tops with collars as they can be tucked into whatever skirt I am wearing or worn long over a bodycon skirt and leggings. I have also started wearing alot of baggy flannel shirts as they hide my tummy and look nice and casual over jeans.
When I wear tight tops I try to get them with a bit of peplum at the end but if that fails I buy them in a V neck so that they draw attention to my cleavage rather than my tummy. It normally seems to work. I would sometimes wear a baggy waterfall style cardigan over them if I was having a particularly un-confident day.
I always make sure to wear boots with a bit of a heel as it gives the body a better silhouette and I hold myself better when I wear them as they give me that little bit of extra confidence.

I think I have covered most of the basics for the moment. If there is anything you want to ask please do and I will answer it as best I can.

I have just heard of this company that makes organic beauty products called Wapo. They are Irish and really reasonably priced as well as doing free delivery in Ireland. I can’t afford to buy any of their items to try out as all my money is going towards London at the moment. But I will hopefully be investing in their Bia Beauty Skin Superfood as a treat in a few weeks as it is looking like my ideal product, I will definitely review it and let you all know what I think whenever I do get the money together 😀 

[[Here is the link to their Skin Superfood, check out the rest of their site while you are there.]]
After listening to all those people who told me I should I have finally made a YouTube video. I already had one done previously but I hated it so I never uploaded it. Apologies if the video is crap I have been using my Dad’s laptop whilst waiting on a new charger for my MacBook. While my Dad’s laptop is faster for importing  videos I just prefer working with mine even though it is on it’s way out. I may look at splashing out to get my laptop completely fixed, though I have a feeling if I do I will have no money for London.
Let me know what you think. I will try to upload videos as often as possible. Though with the time it takes my MacBook to import and process them I don’t know how likely that is. I promise I will try though.
[[You can check that video out here.]]
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All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Online Shopping | Websites to check out.

Hey Guys!
So my cousin, who lives in New Zealand, just asked me if I could recommend any websites for him to buy clothes off.
When I asked what he was looking for he said:
 cheap and stuff that your everyday person may not wear, just trendy like, like stuff from urban outfitters, anything really”
So I did a bit of research and here is what I have come up with.

First of course is Black Milk.

Now Black Milk definitely wouldn’t be the cheapest. Anything but really. But their stuff sure is special. And they offer free standard international shipping! Next up is Boohoo.com

Boohoo are well known in Ireland, mainly for the catchy slogan thing they play on their adverts, but they are cheap. They do a student discount and normally do free postage if you spend a certain amount.

Third we have Missguided.

Missguided are quite a funky, cheap enough brand, but unfortunately like Black Milk they don’t really cater for men. They do ship for only a few quid if you do shop with them.

Okay so by now I have kinda done the main online clothing stores that I know of. Obviously most brands have their own online stores.. So Now I started actually doing some work and finding some stores.

Too Fast Alternative Apparel

Too Fast have alot of really nice graphic tee’s that are fairly reasonable in price. They also do free shipping when you spend a certain amount as well as a fixed shipping rate.

Of course I must now recommend Saint Kidd as they are one of my favourite online stores.

Saint Kidd are becoming more and more popular and do a range of tshirts and trinkets. All their garmets come impeccably wrapped. They have a price estimator which allows you to get a quote for your shipping costs based on where you live.

Some other sites to check out are:
www.etsy.com (found some delish men’s shirts on there)
http://www.merchzombies.com/ (are starting their own line, check them on Facebook)
I think I am going to leave it at that. I hope this helps some of you who are looking for some alternative clothing stores online, at a reasonable price.
If you would like me to do a part two of this post then please let me know.
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All my love,
Lynn Jo xox