Zip Lining | Day Trip

Hey guys!

It was my beautiful friend Caitríona’s birthday the other week and she decided she wanted to do something different to celebrate the occasion. What did she decide to do? Ziplining. Now those of you who know me may be thinking to yourself right now, surely Lynn Jo didn’t go, she would hate something like that. Well I did go, because I am trying to say yes to more things, remember, and I LOVED it.

I genuinely had a great time. Don’t be fooled, there were times I really didn’t want to do it or was crapping myself, but at the end of it all I had an amazing time and I might consider doing it all again.

We went to Zipit for our excursion. Here they have a number of different courses with a variety of activities and zip lines. We gave the red course a miss but I have to say I gave everything else a shot and even nailed the base jump.

It’s about €30 for the experience but that does give you 4 hours on site. I would highly recommened it to everyone whether you’re an adventurer or not. Besides you’re strapped in so can’t really hurt yourself can you.

See you all Sunday for another post. Not too sure what it will be on so feel free to let me know what you would like to see.
Have a great rest of the week.


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The Importance of a Good Bra

Hey guys! 
Recently I really learned the value of getting measured for a new bra and wearing the right size bra.
I haven’t gotten measured for a bra in at least 2 years, if not more! I wanted to get measured when I was in London last year but when it came down to it I just wasn’t bothered with how busy all the shops were. I did go into La Senza with the aim of getting measured and stocking up on bras (I’ve been lost now they have pulled out of Ireland) but my friend worked there so naturally I ended up just talking to her for ages and sure then it was too late and I had to head to my concert.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and went to be measured. I had spent too long struggling with bad fits, constantly falling out of my bra, pulling up straps, and wearing crop tops under see through tops to protect my modesty when something inevitably did pop out. Janet Jackson’s bra mare had nothing on me.  I really wanted to be able to go to work and be comfortable and not have to constantly fix my straps and worry about spilling out of my bra and my much loved low cut tops. I wanted to be able to wear low cut tops confidently. I think I have a pretty nice chest, so why not show that off.

When I got measured last in Ann Summers they said I was a 32DD. That was two years ago. More recently I went to Chance to get measured and they openly told me they measure different to most other labels. It was then I chose to get measured in Marks and Spencer and get a more general fitting and stock up on day to day bras rather than the fancier stuff.  In M&S I measured in at 36D.

Now I thought this was a huge jump, even though two years had passed. I had put on loads of weight as those who read my blog will know, but I had also lost quite a lot of weight. In seems to me though that as I lose the weight my boobs just are not getting smaller at all, they are HUGE in comparison to me. But I am a curvy lady so maybe it is to be expected.

One thing I will say is I was chuffed to get sorted and I feel so much more comfortable and confident. 

I really do want to commend the staff from the Marks and Spencer store in Jervis Shopping Centre for their amazing fitting service. There was a girl behind me about to get measured for the first time and bless her heart, she looked petrified. I wouldn’t blame her for it though. I remember before I got fitted for the first time I was freaking out. I would have done anything to have gotten out of it. I think my main problem, however, was that I didn’t realise I would get to keep my shirt on.  
Whilst I was getting fitted I could hear the sales lady helping the girl and she was so nice and patient and chatty with her and took the time to explain everything. I saw the girl afterwards and she just seemed so happy and relaxed, and maybe even a little bit more grown up.

If you have little sisters, cousins, kids, or are even going to get measured for the first time yourself. I would definitely check them out. You will be going back again and again. They are also my go to place for nipple covers and support undies. They definitely know what they are doing in that store when it comes to ladies delicates.

80-85% of women wear the wrong bra size and if anyone is evidence of that I am. When the lady measured me and asked what size I was wearing she was shocked by how far off I was. Most places these days do free bra fittings with no obligation to buy and it only takes a few minutes. It’s worth taking time from your day and once it’s done it’s done for the next while.
Enjoy the rest of your week guys! 
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Office Life

So I am now two and a bit weeks into my new job and adjusting to office life has been both easy and difficult at the same time. 
There are only three main things that I have been finding hard when it comes to adjusting to my new job. They aren’t even huge problems. When I look at it realistically they are little, titchy things that I won’t even remember ever being a problem in a few weeks time. 
The first thing that is  a problem is…. actually problem is definitely the wrong word to use. They are just adjustments, not problems at all. The first thing I’ve had to adjust to is getting back to eating healthy. When I worked in my last job I really got onto the healthy eating bandwagon. I was having smoothies, snacking on seeds and nuts, cutting out all the bad things and eating smaller meals more frequently. In my new office we have a lovely huge, subsidised restaurant. The meals there are fabulous and cost little to nothing. Only problem is I am eating them every day. While they are rather healthy and there are healthy options. I am eating them, without having had breakfast before, and some of the meals have loads of pasta. Then when I get home I am nearly having a second dinner because I am peckish. Today though I had a salad when I got home and I am restricting myself to that. This morning I had a nutri grain soft serve bar with a bottle of orange juice. A good day all round. Did I mention the restaurant also does a full Irish. I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on what I am eating. Tomorrow I am bring some salad to snack on between brekkie and lunch. That way when it comes to lunch I won’t be as hungry and can get something smaller to eat. Some soup or a wrap perhaps. 
The second thing I am having to get used to is working in such a big company. I am so used to working in small stores and concessions and knowing every one there really well. It’s been such a culture shock to move to a large multinational company where there are so many more staff to get to know. I work in a separate, smaller office within the company at the moment and my team has 10 people. Within our building alone there is only about 150 people. This is with a whole floor of the building being empty due to the majority of the staff moving over to the head office in the city centre. Those of us who remain in the smaller office will all be moving to the head office in the summer time. There are in and around 2,000 staff working for the company in that building. If I am struggling to remember names and that now then imagine how I will be when I have 1,900 more people to get to know. 
At the moment because we are still in training there is a limited amount of work we can do. Mark and I started work together over two weeks ago and last week four more lads started. They are currently being trained and we are waiting to be assigned work. Between that and there being problems with the network in the company it has been hard to get work to us. But at the same time I think I prefer any quiet periods in this job. We have a company intranet site which has a learning support system full of training documents and education material so we are able to educate ourselves while we wait. The next few days and next week will be fun as Mark and I have been put doing some work that takes a long time to do. That and we are taking over someone else’s job whilst they are on holidays. 
There are other things that I have to get used to but they are nice things.
Not being on my feet all day is absolutely fab. I am of course worried about the fact I am sitting around every day, being in retail is better for keeping on your feet, but in order to counter that I just need to get into a habit for going for walks during my lunch and after work. Easy peasy. Not everyone working in sedentary jobs puts on weight, so I should be well able to conquer it. Do you work in an office job? How do you stay trim?
Flexi-time is something new to me in this job also but it is fab. The only problem on it is keeping an eye on hours and making sure you keep on top of them. Other than that it’s only perks from here on in.
I feel so blessed to be fresh out of university and be on the career ladder. What did you do when you graduated university?

Also, how should I decorate my office cubicle? 

I was thinking I might get this adorable slate chalkboard from Izzy’s Attic and write some nice, positive messages on it. 
Photo: Izzy’s Attic
You can check out Izzy’s Attic here. Izzy’s Attic is an online store run by the lovely Izzy Judd. The site is full of lovely, unique, vintage finds. A favourite feature of mine on the site is that every month Izzy selects a number of products and donates 50% of the proceeds from these products to Eyes Alight. Eyes Alight is a foundation inspired by Izzy’s brother Rupert who suffered a brain injury as a result of a car accident a number of years ago. The aim of Eyes Alight is to give gifts to people like Rupert whether it be a day trip or a piano or laptop and I really think it is such a lovely idea. 
I have yet to make a purchase from Izzy’s Attic but payday is soon and I really can’t wait to get something to make my desk a bit more homely.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Lynn Jo xox 

A Dodgy Dating Story

Those of you who know me a while, or have followed my tumblr or blog for a spell, will know that I have had terrible, TERRIBLE, luck when it comes to matters of the heart.
It’s not just when I get a man that I have bad luck. I seem to always get into horrible and embarrassing spots of bother whenever I am around any male person. I am just cursed to be awkward and alone. I mean it.
Like this one time I was on a date in a quiet pub and we were having a nice time and were sitting down chatting when these drunk Dublin oul lads sat beside us. Now I chose this bar because it was always quiet and empty and chilled and full of hip young thangs and spanish tourists. Anyway these lads sat down and then asked us how long we had been dating. I chose to just look at them whereas The Boy said it was our first date… This led to a lot of me being told The Boy was a gent and that I was a beautiful girl, the oul lad said fella the first time but sure, and that we would have beautiful babies.
Beautiful fucking babies? We haven’t even had our first kiss man. 
I get so awkward in these situations that I just sat there awkwardly grimacing. That’s not so bad one might say…
But that was the night water dropped in my eye and it got infected. I had a red eye for days after. When it dropped in my eye one eye closed and the other started watering. That was the most awkward goodbye of my life. Especially as I fell getting on the bus.
Any embarrassing date stories from you guys? Email me them ( with the subject line “Dodgy Dating Story” and I will post my favourite ones. If I feel your story is especially pathetic I might send you a pity prize to help you on your next date.
Do you guys prefer these kind of posts or would you like me to stick to hair and make up?
Let me know in the comments or by email.
Happy 2014.
Lynn Jo xox 

Indie Spice | Review

Last week was my unofficial work party, the big one is in January, and we went out for a lovely meal in Swords.
The ladies of the store chose to go to Indie Spice for dinner, an Indian restaurant in Swords Village. Now I have never, ever had Indian food before and you do hear stories of Indian food going straight through people so I was quite nervous. I was also kinda scared that I  wouldn’t know what to get to eat. They had the menu in work a few days before hand so we could have a wee look at it so that wasn’t too bad. I’d been shopping with my mum the day before and she bought Tikka Masala for us to have during the week so I went with that.
When we got there it turned out we had a different menu in work than the one we were paying for. So we requested that menu and boy was there much more choice on it. I just went for Onion Bhajee as my started and then my Tikka Masala. It was actually so nice. Onion Bhajees in my opinion are nice crispy onions and they were so delish. As for the Tikka Massala, it was sooooo good but I just couldn’t finish it because I was so hungry when I got to the restaurant and filled up on poppadoms (which were so good). When we were served our meal we got some potatoes and spinach which were a nice addition as well as the basmati pilau rice. The dessert options were Baileys cheesecake or vanilla ice cream. I don’t like cheesecake so I went for the ice cream which was yummy. Why is it ice cream in a restaurant is always better than anything you buy in the shops? Our ice cream had a long stalk of brown spaghetti sticking out of it… now that I didn’t quite understand.
Some of the ladies got Baileys or Vodka after the meal. I kinda tuned out for that bit but I think it may have been complimentary. 
But anyway all that was €29.95,
I also had a Long Island Iced Tea which cost me €7.95.
I must say it’s a long time since I’ve ever been at a restaurant where the staff were so polite and obliging AND the food being so good at the same time. I’m already looking forward to going back. 
What restaurants have you been to that you suprisingly loved?
Let me know in the comments.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

My First Kiss | Cringe Alert

So as usual I was moaning about how desperately alone I am, and the shit luck I have with the male sex, when the wonderful Brian from told me I should blog more about dating and my experiences with guys. Now I know I told ya’ll that I was done talking about guys and relationships on the blog because they never work out. But there is no reason I can’t talk about experiences that happened in the past… right? As Brian said, the world wants “gossip and juice” so I am gonna give it to you. 
Here is the story of my first kiss.
(apologies to the poor lad who features in this, I really hope you never see this)
Okay so I have told you all about the Gaeltacht before. For those of you who don’t know it is basically where Irish kids go to the most cut off and remote locations in the West of Ireland to spend an intense three weeks learning Irish. We all bond and speak Irish constantly and do activities and it is actually a great laugh. I’d imagine, that like me, most Irish teenagers who went to the Gaeltacht would have had their first kiss there.
Mine was with a guy called Niall. Niall was lovely. I don’t remember fancying him throughout the course of the three weeks we were in the Gaeltacht, but I did think he looked like Draco Malfoy so that led me to have a slight thing for him. For some reason I did tell him he looked like Draco Malfoy (he really didn’t bar the slicked back blonde hair).
On our second last night in the Gaeltacht we had the luxury of going to the cinema. This was Niall’s last night there as he would be leaving the next morning, a day early, to go away or something. At this stage we were already a thing(so to speak) or else everyone knew I liked him so naturally I was made to sit beside him. I was very embarrassed and shy. I don’t like that kind of attention. 
Oh you’ll never guess what movie we went to see. Yeah you guessed it. It was Harry Potter. Chamber of Secrets I want to say but I may be wrong. Anyway Niall got his arm around me. Then whispered in my ear, “This one’s for Draco” and proceeded to make his move. I’ll spare you all the gory deets but it was horrible. 13/14 year old me was traumatized. My face was really wet after. I’m pretty sure I kissed no one else for like a year after as a result. 
But yeah. There we go. Sorry Niall but it was a terrible kiss and you didn’t look like Draco. We did stay a couple for like a month after though even though he lived in like Sligo and I lived in Dublin. Ah sure.
What past relationship stories would you lot like to hear? Let me know in the comments below.
Also send me in your first kiss stories. I will share my top 5 and might even send a prize to my favourite, just to make it all better.
All my love,
Lynn Jo. xox 

A very WICKED evening | Review

So tonight I had the pleasure of seeing something I have always wanted to see, and that was Wicked the musical. 
My mum and I got the tickets a long time ago and I have literally been counting down the days until today and all I can say is I was not disappointed.
First let me congratulate the stars of the show on an amazing opening night. I really don’t think it could have gone any better for them. 
I have never seen Wicked before so I had no idea of the story or it’s plot line. Also as I had never seen it before I could not be disappointed.
I saw Phantom of the Opera before and always thought it was the best show I would see and that nothing would top it. Wicked definitely gives it serious competition.
The story of Wicked was so enjoyable, especially for a younger person, it is something that definitely appeals to a younger age group in a chick flick way. I was actually shocked by the number of kids there but you can’t deny the show was really a family show.
I thought the performances tonight where some of the strongest I’ve seen in a musical. Nikki Davis-Jones who played Elphaba, aka the Wicked Witch, was definitely one of the strongest performances I have ever seen in a musical. Her performance strengthened as the show progressed, whether that was part of the role or her getting more comfortable I am not sure but boy that girl has some voice and is definitely made for the stage. We also had some eye candy thanks to Liam Doyle who played dreamboat Fiyero. 
The stage was SUBLIME. If you thought the Phantom of the Opera stage was good, then this is better. They had the bubble for the Good Witch. They had the Wizard’s robotic head, flying monkeys and the Emerald City, oh the Emerald City. The stage for that would make you think you were there for real. 
The costumes for the Emerald City scenes were something you could only imagine in your dreams. How the ensemble danced in them I will never know. 

Seriously I would recommend that everyone goes to see Wicked whilst it’s in Ireland. they are here until January and it is definitely worth seeing. It is a night you will never forget.
I now need to try get tickets to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. If anyone can hook me up with tickets please do. 
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

The New Clerys.

Having worked in Clerys for the past five years I have earned quite a few luxuries.
One such luxury was being told by Jessica that mine and my mum’s names were on the list for the Clerys VIP friends and family night before the media and public were allowed in the store. One luxury I lost the day I left was my staff discount:(
I was in work so I only got there about 7pm just before they closed at 8 and whilst my mum wanted to get a jacket it was nice to have a wee look about.
I did take some pictures, they are really bad though because I was afraid I’d get in trouble having my phone out taking photos… then I remembered, I don’t work there anymore. 
We went in a side door as the main doors weren’t being used yet. There was a red carpet and a guest list. That was definitely a nice touch.
My first impression of the inside was that it was lovely. But I don’t like it because it’s not the old Clerys. The store is completely open plan and all very white and clean an modern. At times it reminded me a bit of Harrods. 
I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say it’s not the same. I kind of found it a bit annoying that I could never tell which department I was in, it reminded me of House of Fraser in Dundrum too much and that was a feature I hated. I grew up in Clerys and while I love the store now and think it is gorgeous. It isn’t home…
As someone who used to work there though I wasn’t happy. First off not one single staff member acknowledged me. Yes the people I knew there said hi. But not one staff member in a department I was shopping in, who did not know me, asked if we needed a hand or even said hi. We were in one department and my mum was saying to see if there was a different side in a coat and two staff members stood with their backs to us about a metre away and carried on their conversation ignoring us. Saying that I asked a girl in Elverys for a size in something and her and the male sales assistant were super helpful to us and we bought from them. See customer service works. I definitely feel that Clerys needs to do some serious customer training over the next few weeks because they lost all their best staff when they closed and their new staff haven’t a clue. They were all rude. While my mum was paying for her last purchase three sales assistants pushed past her to start a chat with the guy serving her and have cakes with him, ignoring us. Not to mention he didn’t have a great bedside manner. Bit sad when the store hasn’t even fully opened yet. Customers always told me the reason they love Clerys was the staff and the service. I don’t think many people will be saying that from now on. 
I was also a bit disappointed to see the store still stocking the brand I used to work for but without it as a concession or without keeping any of us on. That and there were more new faces than old faces and bar an interview for a concession I applied for in July that I chose not to attend, not once was I contacted for a position there even though it was known I was seeking work. Poor form. Also there were very few sales assistants around. Get more of a staff presence Clerys.
I’m glad I left to be honest. It’s not the same store and I don’t think I’d like to work there now only for the friendships I have there. But I can always go in to visit them. That isn’t lost, but I think I will be praying to be made permanent in the Kilkenny store after Christmas. I love it there.
If you do want to nose around Clerys, some concessions have 20% off. The store opens this Thursday, November 21st, with events from 10am and the official opening at 11am. Bressie will be there.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

Lush Haul | Review

Hey internet friends.
If you watch my YouTube videos you will know that I recently bought some new lush pieces.
If not here is the video:
(I really need to change that thumbnail)
Well I have finished using up the three items I bought and the results are in.
Soot Ball
Yeah I mean it was cute to look at. Add some googly eyes and they could have called them soot sprites! This one was nice when it was dissolving in the bath and the black gave way to a nice orange. It didn’t give out much scent though and was the colour of tan water when it was all dissolved. It also took me ages to wash the residue off my tub so all in all not good.
Secret Santa

This one was a lot more pricey than your usual bath ballistic (€7.50) but it was slightly bigger and worth it. It dissolved into a nice pink/orange colour and smelt so nice. The fragrance lasted the whole bath too. That and it looks like a little Santa’s grotto. I would definitely buy this again as a treat every now and again. I thoroughly enjoyed my bath though and spent the night snapchatting people while pretending to be a mermaid.
See below photo 😛

Candy Mountain

Now this is a bubble bar that is pink and shimmery and smells super sweet, kinda like candyfloss or bubblegum. It also reminded me a bit of the Comforter bubble bar which is the main reason I got it. Instead of just breaking little bits off I just chucked the whole thing in and broke it up just before I got into the bath. I loved that you could smell it but not too strong. It turned the bath pink too and created some bubbles, though I find bubble bars never give you the bubbles a bubble bath do. I don’t know how likely it is that I would buy it again though because bar colouring the water it didn’t do much. Although my skin was super soft when I got out of the bath.
Have we all seen this? Are we super excited? 
I got to see McBusted play in September and it was AMAZING! 
I posted a video of it on my Facebook which you can see here.
How do you all feel about the pop supergroup? Let me know in the comments. Also what are your favourite Lush products? I’d love to give them a try!
Until next time,
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

I LOVE LUSH! | Review(ish)

My Mum and I both love Lush and it is one of our favourite stops when we take a trip into town. A few weeks ago I posted about a customer evening they held and I was raving about it.
On Hallowe’en my Mum and I popped into the Henry Street store again and I enjoyed my shopping trip as much as I always have if not more. 
According to my receipt I was served by Keith it was he who helped Jean and I in the store. By helped I mean showed us stuff and laughed at my Mum because she kept just saying “yeah I’ll have that, oh I’ll have that too.” Between us we spent about €40 on Lush products but I just wanna say a huge thank you to the guys in Lush on Henry Street for being such lovely helpful people. You wouldn’t find a bunch like them anywhere else and they make it such an enjoyable experience.

Products Bought:

Candy Mountain x2
Soot Ball x2
Secret Santa
Christmas Eve
Fun (Gold)
Also I realise this is a very small post but I will have a mini haul video for you all tomorrow, YAY 😀
Also. How nice are my nails? My friend Jessica recommended Hollywood Nails on Aungier Street and I think they did a great job!
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox