25 facts about me.

Hey Guys!
So for the month of September I have a schehdule of posts lined up starting from this one. There will be a post every two days. Some of these will be written in advance and the rest will be done nearer the time in order to stay on top of things and have a good run at them. To start off I have just done a 25 facts about me post to fill the gap. My next post will be on Thursday the 12th of September and will be telling you all about the crazy week that was my birthday and university graduation!
See you all soon 😀
Lynn xox

  1. Name: Lynn Jo Chaney
  2. Birthday: 31st August 1992
  3. Height: 5’4″(ish)
  4. Weight: Never ask a lady her weight 😉
  5. Shoe Size: 5 or 5.5
  6. Lives: Artane, Dublin, Ireland
  7. Family: Mam, Dad, Billy (13) & Philip (19- lives in Galway)
  8. Pets: Miniature Yorkshire Terrier called Jynx
  9. College Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Joint Major, Geography and Irish Studies
  10. Favourite Colour: Pink
  11. Favourite Band: McFly
  12. Favourite Place: London
  13. Favourite Pub/Club: The Workman’s in Dublin
  14. Favourite Food: Nachos
  15. Favourite Drink: Starbucks Mango and Passionfruit
  16. Favourite Restaurant: TGI Fridays
  17. Favourite Animal: Elephant 
  18. Favourite TV Show: Bones
  19. Favourite Book: Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman
  20. Favourite Item of Clothing: My new Superman and Batman TShirts
  21. Biggest Fear: Spiders and death when I get into intense thinking sessions about it.
  22. Thing I Am Looking Forward To: Going to London to see McFly play.
  23. What Did I Want To Be Growing Up: A Teacher.
  24. Where Would My Ideal Holiday Destination Be: A nice villa in the Maldives or something.
  25. Celebrity Crush: Dougie Poynter