Restyle Your Man This Season With These Top Tips

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If you’re looking for a new look for your favorite fella this season, then you’ll be delighted to know that it’s a great season for men’s fashion. And there are plenty of different looks you can choose from. Menswear is more stylish than ever, so now is the time to find your man a whole new wardrobe.

If your guy feels the cold, then why not check out the latest styles in knitwear. You can try out the more traditional patterns, or even buy sweaters with more elaborate collars. V-necks aren’t going to cut it this season. Instead, have a look at a mens shawl collar sweater, or even an elegant roll neck. Large collars help to make shoulders look broader and more manly, so you’ll both love the look.

Not all guys like jeans but in cooler climates they can be rather handy! However, if you’re looking for a classic, vintage or retro look, you won’t go too far wrong with a good pair of wool-based trousers. They are thicker and stiffer than suit trousers thanks to the wool blend. This means they hold their great retro shape and will be a lot warmer too!

Men’s shoes come in a variety of shapes and styles. They also come in a good variety of colors. You can choose blacks and tans, as well as browns this season. Of course, if you’re really feeling the wind chill, it might be time to invest in a good pair of men’s boots. Head to your closest outdoor adventure-wear store for heavy duty, all-weather protection. For something from the fashion section, the classic Chelsea boot is a sure winner.

Guys always look good in hats. This winter, the Cossack style has been revamped for us girls. Men are also enjoying the faux fur look with ear cap bomber or bonnet hats this season. They’re incredibly warm, but they make our fellas look seriously hot. I think these are a great option for guys when the mercury plummets. They come in other materials too if you can’t sway them to the faux fur feel.

Of course, when your guy is lounging around indoors, he still wants to be warm and comfortable. Don’t let him settle for the jogging bottoms look. Instead, look to sports for inspiration. There are rugby trousers, golf trousers, and even action trousers available now. The sporty theme merely distinguishes the different cuts. Chinos and moleskins are also increasing in popularity if you want to get away from street styles.

If you’re really not sure what to get your guy to suit his new season wardrobe, why not take him with you. See what he looks at in the fashion stores. What’s drawing his eye? What are they items he stops to feel the texture? You can find out a lot about his fashion sense by just checking out his reactions. This is often less exhausting than trying to interest him in things you like!

Get your guy trendy with a fun day of shopping this season. With so many great styles something is sure to catch his eye. Don’t be afraid to give him a little help too.

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The Importance of a Good Bra

Hey guys! 
Recently I really learned the value of getting measured for a new bra and wearing the right size bra.
I haven’t gotten measured for a bra in at least 2 years, if not more! I wanted to get measured when I was in London last year but when it came down to it I just wasn’t bothered with how busy all the shops were. I did go into La Senza with the aim of getting measured and stocking up on bras (I’ve been lost now they have pulled out of Ireland) but my friend worked there so naturally I ended up just talking to her for ages and sure then it was too late and I had to head to my concert.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and went to be measured. I had spent too long struggling with bad fits, constantly falling out of my bra, pulling up straps, and wearing crop tops under see through tops to protect my modesty when something inevitably did pop out. Janet Jackson’s bra mare had nothing on me.  I really wanted to be able to go to work and be comfortable and not have to constantly fix my straps and worry about spilling out of my bra and my much loved low cut tops. I wanted to be able to wear low cut tops confidently. I think I have a pretty nice chest, so why not show that off.

When I got measured last in Ann Summers they said I was a 32DD. That was two years ago. More recently I went to Chance to get measured and they openly told me they measure different to most other labels. It was then I chose to get measured in Marks and Spencer and get a more general fitting and stock up on day to day bras rather than the fancier stuff.  In M&S I measured in at 36D.

Now I thought this was a huge jump, even though two years had passed. I had put on loads of weight as those who read my blog will know, but I had also lost quite a lot of weight. In seems to me though that as I lose the weight my boobs just are not getting smaller at all, they are HUGE in comparison to me. But I am a curvy lady so maybe it is to be expected.

One thing I will say is I was chuffed to get sorted and I feel so much more comfortable and confident. 

I really do want to commend the staff from the Marks and Spencer store in Jervis Shopping Centre for their amazing fitting service. There was a girl behind me about to get measured for the first time and bless her heart, she looked petrified. I wouldn’t blame her for it though. I remember before I got fitted for the first time I was freaking out. I would have done anything to have gotten out of it. I think my main problem, however, was that I didn’t realise I would get to keep my shirt on.  
Whilst I was getting fitted I could hear the sales lady helping the girl and she was so nice and patient and chatty with her and took the time to explain everything. I saw the girl afterwards and she just seemed so happy and relaxed, and maybe even a little bit more grown up.

If you have little sisters, cousins, kids, or are even going to get measured for the first time yourself. I would definitely check them out. You will be going back again and again. They are also my go to place for nipple covers and support undies. They definitely know what they are doing in that store when it comes to ladies delicates.

80-85% of women wear the wrong bra size and if anyone is evidence of that I am. When the lady measured me and asked what size I was wearing she was shocked by how far off I was. Most places these days do free bra fittings with no obligation to buy and it only takes a few minutes. It’s worth taking time from your day and once it’s done it’s done for the next while.
Enjoy the rest of your week guys! 
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A Beautiful Heart.

We stock a jewelry brand in work called Enibas. It is one of our Irish jewelry ranges and I have so much love for it. On my first day my manager told me the story of the brand. It was set up by a lady called Sabine. Enibas is Sabine backwards don’t you know. Sabine loves everything Irish, the culture and the land. She met her husband here whilst hiking through Ireland and now she is here to stay.
I can’t quite pin point why I love the brand so much but it seems to be a mixture of different things. One being what the brand stands for. I majored in Irish Studies so I have a deep love for Irish culture and all that comes with it. These beautiful pieces stand for so much and represent so much of Ireland that I would be proud to wear it. I also love their simple design. These are beautiful pieces that are simple and have no airs and flairs to them. Just what you want in a jewelry piece, especially one you might wear from day to day. 
I have wanted a bracelet from Enibas since I started in the Kilkenny Shop. But the other day I saw a set of rings in the cabinet and I just had to have them. 
Look how fabulous they are. They are so simple and delicate yet so beautiful. They are made of silver, gold and diamond and retail on the Enibas website at €193.
If you are looking to treat yourself or get a present for someone else I would recommend you check out or have a look at the range in the Kilkenny Shop. You can also find them on twitter and facebookThey are beautiful Irish jewelry pieces that have a lovely message behind them. I have met Sabine herself when she has been in our store and she really is the nicest person. If you were looking to commission a piece she would love to hear from you.
Lynn Jo x
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The New Clerys.

Having worked in Clerys for the past five years I have earned quite a few luxuries.
One such luxury was being told by Jessica that mine and my mum’s names were on the list for the Clerys VIP friends and family night before the media and public were allowed in the store. One luxury I lost the day I left was my staff discount:(
I was in work so I only got there about 7pm just before they closed at 8 and whilst my mum wanted to get a jacket it was nice to have a wee look about.
I did take some pictures, they are really bad though because I was afraid I’d get in trouble having my phone out taking photos… then I remembered, I don’t work there anymore. 
We went in a side door as the main doors weren’t being used yet. There was a red carpet and a guest list. That was definitely a nice touch.
My first impression of the inside was that it was lovely. But I don’t like it because it’s not the old Clerys. The store is completely open plan and all very white and clean an modern. At times it reminded me a bit of Harrods. 
I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say it’s not the same. I kind of found it a bit annoying that I could never tell which department I was in, it reminded me of House of Fraser in Dundrum too much and that was a feature I hated. I grew up in Clerys and while I love the store now and think it is gorgeous. It isn’t home…
As someone who used to work there though I wasn’t happy. First off not one single staff member acknowledged me. Yes the people I knew there said hi. But not one staff member in a department I was shopping in, who did not know me, asked if we needed a hand or even said hi. We were in one department and my mum was saying to see if there was a different side in a coat and two staff members stood with their backs to us about a metre away and carried on their conversation ignoring us. Saying that I asked a girl in Elverys for a size in something and her and the male sales assistant were super helpful to us and we bought from them. See customer service works. I definitely feel that Clerys needs to do some serious customer training over the next few weeks because they lost all their best staff when they closed and their new staff haven’t a clue. They were all rude. While my mum was paying for her last purchase three sales assistants pushed past her to start a chat with the guy serving her and have cakes with him, ignoring us. Not to mention he didn’t have a great bedside manner. Bit sad when the store hasn’t even fully opened yet. Customers always told me the reason they love Clerys was the staff and the service. I don’t think many people will be saying that from now on. 
I was also a bit disappointed to see the store still stocking the brand I used to work for but without it as a concession or without keeping any of us on. That and there were more new faces than old faces and bar an interview for a concession I applied for in July that I chose not to attend, not once was I contacted for a position there even though it was known I was seeking work. Poor form. Also there were very few sales assistants around. Get more of a staff presence Clerys.
I’m glad I left to be honest. It’s not the same store and I don’t think I’d like to work there now only for the friendships I have there. But I can always go in to visit them. That isn’t lost, but I think I will be praying to be made permanent in the Kilkenny store after Christmas. I love it there.
If you do want to nose around Clerys, some concessions have 20% off. The store opens this Thursday, November 21st, with events from 10am and the official opening at 11am. Bressie will be there.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

Kayleigh from Oh Hey Kayspray | Guest Post

My Favourite Autumn Outfit. 

Oh hey! My name is Kayleigh but feel free to refer to me as Kayspray. My blog, Oh Hey Kayspray is a light-hearted lifestyle blog with a bit of fashion, beauty and music thrown in for good measure. I am a university student currently surviving by the southern coast of England so expect many a bargain post, scribbles about random student antics and a night out outfit or two.
The lovely Lynn and I are going a bit of a ‘come blog with me’ effort without giving scores in a taxi or getting free food. I just want to say thanks to Lynn for replying to my tweet and introducing me to her wonderful blog! So, what to write about?  After a bit of thought, I decided to go with something I often think and talk about – the weather. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with this week’s forecast. I was going more along the lines of a fashion post…
It’s autumn and that means comfort mixed with style through layers. I can’t get enough of the cosy knits, fluffy socks & woolly hats, not to mention the deep reds, creams and many shades of grey! I do a ‘Fashionable Week’ twice a year that involves 5 days of OOTD posts so I don’t do them very often. However today I want to share with you my favourite autumn outfit.

Jacket: Rocha John Rocha / Jumper: New Look / Necklace: Charity Shop / Jeggings: Primark / Bag: Accessorize / Ankle Boots: Miss Selfridge

If I could wear this outfit to Uni every day, I really would – imagine the looks my course mates would give me! I was drawn to this jumper when browsing around New Look the other week.  For £15 ( not including student discount), I couldn’t say no. I’m a really tactile shopper and have to like the feel of the material if the product has any chance of advancing to the dressing room stage of my shopping venture. I’ve been struggling to find comfy jumpers that don’t leave me feeling a bit ichy and uncomfortable so was so relieved to find this one.  Talking of bargains, the leggings were £7 from Primark and are in almost every possible colour. Go get some – not only are they cheap they last ages. I’ve have jeans from there that are almost 5 years old!
Just before coming back to Uni in September, Nan treated me to these lovely ankle boots. We went to almost every possible high-street shop looking for the perfect boot (I’m super fussy). Miss Selfridge has such a small collection compared to places like New Look and Topshop so we almost didn’t bother looking. So pleased we did and I think they only came to about £40 with student discount. On a different pre-uni shopping trip, I bought the accessorize bag because once again I’d been looking for the perfect bag to fit my uni stuff in and look a bit smart. I use it every day because the colour goes with everything. I think it cost me just under £40 which I think is great for the quality and style of it.
Thank you once again to Lynn for having me over here! Please come over to my blog and check out her post for me and leave some lovely comments.  x

My Frank’s Hot Sauce Addiction | Recipe

OKAY. So I owe ya’ll a recipe. So I thought I would do a nice combined post. It kinda has some recipes in it so it counts.
Internet, meet Frank’s.
Frank’s meet the internet. 
Frank’s Hot Sauce and I have a very passionate relationship. This one time back in the day I made me a Frank’s Hot Sauce bake thing and I was HOOKED.
I found ya’ll a recipe that has measurements for the butter and sauce but I normally wing it.
PRE HEAT an oven to between 180 and 200 degrees celsius.
MELT 3 TBSP of butter in a pan.
ADD IN 4 TBSP of Frank’s Hat Sauce.
MIX TOGETHER and throw in some paprika, salt and pepper.
LINE a roasting tin/baking dish thing with some chopped potatoes, sliced carrots, chicken fillets and some red onion for flavour. 
POUR the sauce over everything in the dish.
BAKE for about an hour. (You may need to removed the chicken and give the veg another few minutes, mainly the potatoes.)
But seriously I really have a problem. I go through so much of this stuff. There’s a shop somewhere that sells it by the gallon and I mean I want that stuff. I dip crisps into it (straight from the bottle), and lately I have started making it as a sauce/dip for sandwhiches and veg. 
Pour some mayo into a bowl and add some Frank’s Hot Sauce to flavour.
If you want the sauce thicker add more mayo because the Frank’s Hot Sauce ‘waters it down’ so to speak, making it more runny. 
For sandwhiches I tend to have it slightly more runny as I like more flavour with the chicken or ham. When I have it as a dip I make it thicker with more mayo. You could throw some paprika or cajun spice into the mayo either as well or instead to make some tangy dips for carrot sticks.
Yesterday I went too far though. I added Frank’s Hot Sauce to the water I was boiling my pasta in. It wasn’t a bad thing though. It was the nicest thing I ever tasted, especially when I held back some of the water for my sauce.

Everyone should try this sauce, but be warned… you could end up like me freaking out in case they don’t sell Frank’s in London.
My bottle is almost out by the way if anyone wants to send me more 😛

Lynn Jo xox

PS. Literally only hours left for the giveaway so get your entries in.
Maybe I should give away some Frank’s Hot Sauce next time.

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Dressing For My Shape | Advice

So as you all know I have worked as a fashion advisor for the past 5 years. During this time I worked with ladies of all sizes and in the last 18 months of my time working in Clerys I worked with ladies from size 8 to size 26 so I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to dressing for different sizes and figures. 
I thought it was time I imparted some of my knowledge on you lot and tell you how I dress for my shape.
I really hope ya’ll can gain some wisdom from it and if you ever want me to do another post like this just tell me.
I am also willing to do some advising for people. For this you will have to email me your sizes and a full length photo to 😀
Okay so I suppose I better reveal my size to you.
I am 5’4″ and weight between 11 and 12 stone. I have 32DD boobs, but I haven’t gotten measured in about a year. I have wide hips and a bit of a butt and I carry most of my weight on my tummy and upper arms. I normally wear a size 12 in a top and a 12 or 14 in a bottoms. 
I have lost some weight and my figure is looking much slimmer and as a result I tried to wear tighter dresses but they just don’t suit me and my tummy so I am staying away from them now and sticking to what I know best.

Jeans & Trousers

When it comes to jeans I tend to wear high waisted jeans. I wear high waisted trousers too now I think of it. Because I carry my weight on my tummy I find that high waisted trousers and jeans hold in any bulge I might have and give my body a much more flattering silhouette. If I wear normal jeans that only come up to your hips they tend to sit just under my tummy and tend to highlight it. 
I also only wear skinny jeans as they suit me more than baggy jeans. I have quite big thighs so skinny jeans make my legs look slimmer rather than adding any extra fabric and bulk to them. With trousers I wear a tailored, slim trouser with a high waist that I can tuck a loose shirt into. I normally wear peg leg trousers or tailored ankle grazers.
I used to always wear bodycon skirts but I have stopped loving the idea of them lately. The only time I wear them nowadays is if I am wearing a long enough top and I want to add some extra length to it or I don’t feel confident enough wearing the top as a dress.
I tend to just wear skater skirts, high waisted skater skirts. My favourite skirt is a skater skirt I got in Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago if not more and by some miracle it still fits me. It has a panel on the waist with button detailing and it is just really flattering when it is on. I normally just stick to black as it is flattering but my skirts will always stop just before my knees and are teamed with black tights and low heeled ankle boots.
Like skirts I go for dresses with a bit of a kick. However I find that most dresses don’t fit me properly on top, which is why I tend to go for skirts and tops more often. However I have learned some tricks when it comes to buying dresses.
Stay away from dresses with zips. Unless they are a generous size 12 they zips just do not close. I wouldn’t normally go a size up on a dress unless I really had to because they don’t fit as well then or need alterations. 
When I buy dresses I buy them in a somewhat stretchy fabric. Now I know jersey isn’t the most flattering fabric so I normally wear some sort of support or slimming undies underneath to smooth out the silhouette.
I also try to wear dresses that have a little cap sleeve to hide my hideous bingo wings.
The last thing I normally go for in a dress is something that is cut in the middle. Whether it be a belt or a change in colour there has to be something in the middle to separate the top from the bottom or else it just will not suit me.
Tops & Blouses
I have started wearing alot of blouses or tops with collars as they can be tucked into whatever skirt I am wearing or worn long over a bodycon skirt and leggings. I have also started wearing alot of baggy flannel shirts as they hide my tummy and look nice and casual over jeans.
When I wear tight tops I try to get them with a bit of peplum at the end but if that fails I buy them in a V neck so that they draw attention to my cleavage rather than my tummy. It normally seems to work. I would sometimes wear a baggy waterfall style cardigan over them if I was having a particularly un-confident day.
I always make sure to wear boots with a bit of a heel as it gives the body a better silhouette and I hold myself better when I wear them as they give me that little bit of extra confidence.

I think I have covered most of the basics for the moment. If there is anything you want to ask please do and I will answer it as best I can.

I have just heard of this company that makes organic beauty products called Wapo. They are Irish and really reasonably priced as well as doing free delivery in Ireland. I can’t afford to buy any of their items to try out as all my money is going towards London at the moment. But I will hopefully be investing in their Bia Beauty Skin Superfood as a treat in a few weeks as it is looking like my ideal product, I will definitely review it and let you all know what I think whenever I do get the money together 😀 

[[Here is the link to their Skin Superfood, check out the rest of their site while you are there.]]
After listening to all those people who told me I should I have finally made a YouTube video. I already had one done previously but I hated it so I never uploaded it. Apologies if the video is crap I have been using my Dad’s laptop whilst waiting on a new charger for my MacBook. While my Dad’s laptop is faster for importing  videos I just prefer working with mine even though it is on it’s way out. I may look at splashing out to get my laptop completely fixed, though I have a feeling if I do I will have no money for London.
Let me know what you think. I will try to upload videos as often as possible. Though with the time it takes my MacBook to import and process them I don’t know how likely that is. I promise I will try though.
[[You can check that video out here.]]
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All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Online Shopping | Websites to check out.

Hey Guys!
So my cousin, who lives in New Zealand, just asked me if I could recommend any websites for him to buy clothes off.
When I asked what he was looking for he said:
 cheap and stuff that your everyday person may not wear, just trendy like, like stuff from urban outfitters, anything really”
So I did a bit of research and here is what I have come up with.

First of course is Black Milk.

Now Black Milk definitely wouldn’t be the cheapest. Anything but really. But their stuff sure is special. And they offer free standard international shipping! Next up is

Boohoo are well known in Ireland, mainly for the catchy slogan thing they play on their adverts, but they are cheap. They do a student discount and normally do free postage if you spend a certain amount.

Third we have Missguided.

Missguided are quite a funky, cheap enough brand, but unfortunately like Black Milk they don’t really cater for men. They do ship for only a few quid if you do shop with them.

Okay so by now I have kinda done the main online clothing stores that I know of. Obviously most brands have their own online stores.. So Now I started actually doing some work and finding some stores.

Too Fast Alternative Apparel

Too Fast have alot of really nice graphic tee’s that are fairly reasonable in price. They also do free shipping when you spend a certain amount as well as a fixed shipping rate.

Of course I must now recommend Saint Kidd as they are one of my favourite online stores.

Saint Kidd are becoming more and more popular and do a range of tshirts and trinkets. All their garmets come impeccably wrapped. They have a price estimator which allows you to get a quote for your shipping costs based on where you live.

Some other sites to check out are: (found some delish men’s shirts on there) (are starting their own line, check them on Facebook)
I think I am going to leave it at that. I hope this helps some of you who are looking for some alternative clothing stores online, at a reasonable price.
If you would like me to do a part two of this post then please let me know.
Of course don’t forget to click here to enter my giveaway for a Christmas themed Adventure Time jumper.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Three | Reflection

Today I have taken a break out of my normal posting schedule for a slightly more serious post.
I’m sorry if this is not what you all like to read on my blog, but remember it is my blog and I can post what I want so…

All my life growing up I was extremely close to my grandparents. When my grandfather passed away I became even closer to my grandmother. I used to stay in her house every weekend and anytime I had time of school. Once I hit my teens I got to the stage where I hated my parents, saw them as the enemy and ended up spending more and more time with my nana.

A little more than three years ago my nana got sick and moved into my house so we could take care of her. She never left our house. Her condition deteriorated and my nana was moved to a hospice where she passed away in the early hours of October 14th.

Life after that was hard. I had only been in college about a month at that time and I really didn’t want to go back. While my nana was in the hospice my library books from UCD went overdue. I rang the college and explained the situation and they told me I HAD to bring back the books which of course I didn’t appreciate.
I really and truly didn’t want to go back to college. I think that really affected me going to college and my attendance.  I just wanted to leave… I did get through the year and I passed, I did quite well actually, but I just couldn’t face the social side of it. After my nana died I actually started becoming quite anxious in social situations. Something I had never done before… I was always quite confident before. I still appeared and do appear confident but now I over think things in advanced, I get sweaty palms, knots in my tummy all in advance of getting to something. 

At the end of both my first and second years of college I wanted to defer a year, not drop out, I knew I needed this degree. However thanks to one of my best friends, Ciara, I wasn’t allowed. We had to graduate together and that kept me going. Alot of my friends had various circumstances that meant their attendance in college was not all simple… If they could do it I could.

Now it’s time to all talk about how amazing I am 😛
In the past three years, bar being depressed, drinking alot and having my heart broken, I have achieved alot.
Lets start from the start. At the start of first year I ballsed up and modeled in a fashion show. This led to a lovely three year stint with the UCD Fashion and Design Society, the final year of which I was the Head of Hair. Something I am very proud of.
I also managed to finish first year with flying colours (bar that one class I had to compensate).

Then second year came along. I remained involved with the Fashion and Design Society and even considered running for my class rep. I chickened out of that but I was still very involved in my class. I went to Disneyland, got into a relationship and started trying to go to class and actually going there.I even moved out and tried to survive on my own in the big bad world.
Third year came along and with it came my position as head of hair. And some new friends. While I still had all my friends that I had since first year our group had definitely expanded. There were so many of us now. And of course we all had our separate friends. I met two of my closest friends that year. Unfortunately I am only in touch with one but between her and Ciara I have all the best friends I need.

Oh and get this, I graduated. Not with Ciara because of how UCD arranged it but we got to party together so it’s all okay.
In the past three years I have grown up so much, and I wonder if that would have happened had my nana still been alive. But that is something we can’t know. There is no need to dwell on ifs and buts but without her I would not be the person I am today.

I will see you all tomorrow. I think I will be doing a nail polish review.
And as always don’t forget to enter my giveaway for an Adventure Time themed Christmas jumper here.

All my love, 

Lynn Jo xox

Delicious Apple Tart | Sunday Recipe

Hey Folks!
Happy Sunday!!
Unless you work in retail like I used to you are hopefully enjoying a nice day off at home with the family. I plan on going for a nice walk before Sunday lunch with the family then a LONG over due catch up with my best friends Mark and Ciara, I think Kevin will be there too.

As well as having my normal Sunday post I thought I would start a new feature where I post up a new recipe every Sunday. I love to cook and bake but unfortunately I don’t do enough of it. This way I have an excuse to take over my kitchen and my mum has something to taste test. This weeks recipe is for an apple tart. i was flicking through my cook book when my mum pointed at a picture and said that one so this is what I made. I had most of the ingredients at home, what I didn’t have I picked up in Tesco for less than a fiver. I didn’t have some of the equipment needed but my lovely neighbour Saoirse is big into baking so I was able to borrow most of that stuff off her, she also gave me a better recipe for the pastry as the original recipe just called for pre-made pastry which of course just isn’t the same. Give it a bash and I hope you enjoy it. One thing I will say is the tart tin I used was quite a deep one so whilst all the apples at the top of the tart were lovely and caramelized, the ones nearer the bottom were not, so maybe use a shallower tart tin, or else cook it for a little bit longer. Just be careful if you choose to cook it for longer though because the pastry is baked blind before hand and as it is already cooked you don’t want it to burn.

(for shortcrust pastry)
6 oz Stork margarine (really cold, even freeze before hand)
8 oz plain flour
approx. 60ml of cold water

(for apple filling)
4 bramley apples (cored, peeled and thinly sliced)
2-3 tablespoons of golden caster sugar
knob of butter

Make the pastry in advance. For a nice shortcrust pastry all the ingredients should be cold. We use 6 oz of butter instead of 4 as it makes for a much nicer, more melt in the mouth pastry.
Sieve the flour into a bowl, into it grate the marge, yeah you heard me, grate it or at least break it up fairly small. It means less time rubbing the mixture together. After you grate in the marge rub it together with your hands until it kind of looks like crumbs.
Now you add your 60ml of water, add it in gradually, adjusting the amount as required.
Bring the mixture together and once you have your dough formed wrap it in clingfilm and leave it to chill in the fridge for about 45 minutes. I didn’t actually have any greaseproof paper in my house so I chose this moment to go to the shop and get some.
Now to roll the pastry out and blind bake it. 
While you are rolling out the pastry preheat the oven to 200° c.
When you are rolling out the pastry roll it out between two sheets of clingfilm, another tip from Saoirse, it eliminates the need for flour and rolls the dough out completely smooth. 
Line the tart tin (I used a 20cm one) with the pastry and trim any edges that hangover. 
Then line the case with grease proof paper and ceramic baking beans.
 Place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and that proved to be exactly the right amount of time.
While the pastry was baking I prepared the apples. 
Don’t worry about rushing this though because when you take the pastry case put after 15 minutes you need to let it cool before throwing in the apples. 
Also while you wait for the pastry to cool and line it make sure to keep the oven on. I did lower the temperature to about 180°c/190°c as it was this point that I reverted back to my original recipe and that called for a lower temperature. 
You could of course have worked at this temperature all along and adjusted the recipe appropriately. 
When the pastry case is cooled line it with the thin apple slices. 
Then sprinkle over it with the golden caster sugar and dot it with the butter. 
Cook for about 10/15 minutes, until the apples begin to caramelize. 
Take it out and either serve immediately with cream or ice cream. 
You could also allow this mixture to cool and freeze it first wrapping it in cling film and then tinfoil. 
When you want to eat it just defrost it. 
If you want to eat it warm heat it in an oven at 190°c for about 15-20 minutes. 

Enjoy. I gave in and tasted the tart. It was nice bar the apple issue I mentioned earlier. I am looking forward to finishing it off after my Sunday lunch.
Check out how tasty it looks:

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Lynn Jo xox