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Hi guys, 
I have decided to share a recipe I adore with you all. It’s a go to of mine when I am not too sure what to make. I also use it as a base recipe and make slight changes to it in order to have different flavours. It’s so easy to do, takes only a few minutes to prepare and you can leave it in the oven and get on with any other jobs you may have to do. I found the original recipe here a number of years ago but I have paraphrased the recipe to suit how I would normally make it.
Note: I have used Sweet Potato with this recipe before and they take about the same time to cook as regular potato and I may even taste slightly nicer in the dish.


Chicken fillets 
Green Beans
Red Onion
6 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Herbs and Seasonings

Baking dish
Chopping board
Slotted spoon
1.     Preheat the oven to 180°c to 200°c.
2.     Using some kitchen paper wipe a drop of oil around the baking dish.
3.     In a bowl combine the oil, juice of a lemon (or more depending on how you want it to taste) the garlic and any other herbs and seasonings you might require. If I am adding a different flavour I would do it at this step combining it with the oil and omitting the lemon juice if necessary.
4.     Slice another lemon and line the bottom of the baking dish with the slices.
5.     Prepare your green beans and place them in the bowl with the oil and flavourings. Swirl them about so they are coated in the mixture. Take them out with the slotted spoon in order to allow for any excess of the mixture to drain off. Lay the beans in a single layer on top of the lemon slices.
6.     Repeat step 5 with any other vegetables you want in your dish( excluding the red onion). I normally stick to just potatoes and carrots. I have tried brocolli and cauliflower but they cooked significantly faster than the rest of the vegetables and became quite burnt. Putting them in later was too much hassle for me so I didn’t really use them again. I normally just stick to potatoes and carrots, either peeled or unpeeled and roughly chopped. Use these to line the outside of the dish.
7.     Coat the chicken fillets in the mixture and lay them in the middle of the dish.
8.     Pour any left over mixture over everything.
9.     Chop a red onion into 4 and place in each corner of the dish for flavour. Sometimes if I have a spare lemon I will cut some slices of lemon and onion and sprinkle them over the chicken fillets for added flavour.
10. Cook. I have found that about 40 minutes cooks the chicken fillet to perfect, mouth watering tastiness. This is with a decent sized chicken fillet, but times may vary. Sometimes the vegetables take longer than the chicken so I take the chicken out and leave the vegetables  a bit longer although this can be rectified by chopping the vegetables smaller.

If you make this I would love to see your photos.
I have mainly made two variants of this dish but both were superb. One was with franks hot sauce. I mixed this with the oil and followed the rest of the recipe. It was lovely and tangy. More recently I had a half packet of Ol Del Paso Garlic and Paprika taco seasoning which I chucked into the lemon and oil mixture and this added loads of flavour.
I am off zip lining for the afternoon so expect a post on that on Wednesday. I did forget my camera though so I wont get to vlog it L I do plan on bringing the boyfriend  at some point in the future so he can pretend he is Batman so I will vlog that.
Have a great week!

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Say Yes to More | Technical Difficulties

Hi all,


For the past few weeks I have been arranging a series of guest posts from bloggers who are doing different things over the summer. The first of these posts was to go up this evening but unfortunately I am having slight technical difficulties with accessing that post so instead I am going to talk to you all about how I am attempting to say yes to more. 
One of the biggest Yes moments I have had in the past year was of course attempting to change my diet and exercise more. While I strayed from this a lot I always ended up back on the train and saying yes to more. One of these things was learning how to run in order to complete a 5k. I won’t actually be taking part in the 5k as my poor puppy is being spayed that weekend but I am still learning how to run.
I have also said yes to zip lining and ballet. Zip lining is an easy one to explain… My friend wants to do something different for her birthday. I am scared, expect an update. Ballet was harder to say yes to. I did ballet from the age of 3 for about 13 years. I was skinny then and en pointe. I was really good. Now I have put on weight and have slipped back into bad dance habits. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I had a great time and I think it will be something I take up permanently.
Finally I said yes to another new role in work. I have moved to a new team where I will be a point of contact. This will require me to build relationships with partners but also to be extremely knowledgeable of what we do. I really can’t wait to see where this takes me. Who would have thought I would find such a rewarding career without it being what I always thought was my ‘dream job’.
What are you guys saying yes to?
I will have the first Summer post up as soon as possible.

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The Gym

Hey Guys!!
I have finally found time to sit down and write a new post for you all. This post is actually about the reason I’ve had no time to post… THE GYM.
For those of you who follow me on social media you know full well I have been going to the gym and eating differently in an attempt to lose weight.
I have never made any attempt to hide the fact that I want to lose weight and get slim, fit and healthy. I danced for 13 years, ballet and such, and used to be very, VERY thin. While a lot of people may think that I am still slim, in my head I am huge compared to what I was, there are curves and pudge where there used to be flat. This teamed with googling the ideal weight for my height and not being able to get clothes to fit properly has really led to me getting down. I found that I was between three and four stone overweight for my height. I don’t normally think in numbers but this is one that has definitely stuck with me.
I was chatting to my friend Paul one day about joining the gym and he told me he was about to join FLYEfit. FLYEfit is a low cost gym based in Dublin. It is €29 a month for membership to one of their gyms or €32 for access to all their gyms. As well as being 24 hour access gyms your membership is self service meaning you can amend it whenever you like.
I have been in the gym almost 8 weeks now and I must admit in the first few weeks I just did the programme that was given to me in my introductory session and half assed eating healthy. I didn’t see any results however, so I decided to take a plunge I was apprehensive about and talk to a personal trainer. 
I chose this beast.

Meet Niall. Niall is the man in charge of getting me all nice and toned. He’s a brave lad.
What drew me to Niall was his poster in the girls changing rooms. He does a 12 week to LBD training programme which of course appeals to any woman. However I’d seen him around the gym and he seemed friendly and not TOO intimidating.
Niall has been brilliant from the start. He got me to send him an email chatting about what I wanted to get out of this and immediately he set me on the right track. He fired me over a pack with shopping lists, meal plans and recipes and let me loose. While providing me with an introductory workout, I have also had two full on Personal Training sessions with Niall, this lad has me benchpressing, who’d have thought it. 
One thing I love about training with Niall is his enthusiasm for the whole thing, he is always in a top mood and ready to get into it and give it his all. He will always stop to talk to you and see how you are getting on and is always at the end of a text. One day I was feeling so unmotivated that I sent Niall an email telling him I was just feeling off. He sent me a nice email back perking me up and encouraging me to keep it up and not to let a bad day get me down. Later that night at the gym he got me to go to two classes he was running and after I was in the complete opposite mood. I was so pumped and happy and could hardly believe that two hours before I had been so down in the dumps. 
We have even added his boxing class to my weekly workout so that I can vent, and work out the oul upper body. Did I mention Niall sends me my workout every day? Nothing better than having someone actually put thought into what they get you to do day to day, rather than just sending you off with a piece of paper. No two work outs have ever been the same.
I’ve set myself the goal of December 6th, just in time for my work party but I don’t know if I will be 100% satisfied with my results by then. It can get quite hard to be optimistic when you don’t see results straight away. Although people who don’t see me too often have said they definitely notice a difference in me. If I don’t achieve my goal by December I will still keep training as this is something that is important to me and I will feel so much better for. 
Last week was the first time I lost weight since I started this plan and I was chuffed. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something. I also find it is now easier for me to say no to treats, especially crisps… chocolate is still a struggle.
You can check Niall out on Facebook and Instagram. Niall’s instagram is great for daily motivation and recipe ideas.
My next few posts will be some sponsored ones, with items sent to me courtesy of Escentual and Specspost. Keep an eye out for them. My next gym update will be in about 10 days time when I get my measurements taken again.
See you all then. Feel free to follow me on instagram for more regular updates.

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I’m finally 22!!

Well hello there. I hope you all had a nice weekend? I spent the last weekend of my holidays absolutely dying and am now back in work for my sins. Thank God I love my job. It wouldn’t be the same if I was returning to a job I didn’t like.
But yeah so the most exciting part of my two weeks off work had to be my birthday. I say my birthday but unfortunately I am now expected to share my birthday with my boyfriend as it is his birthday the day before.
As Danny was starting a new job we just took it nice and easy and chilled out. We went for dinner on the Saturday after taking it easy as that was the first day I was poorly. Then on MY birthday we went to my house for Sunday lunch. That was followed by bowling, air hockey and Guardians of the Galaxy. I finally got to see Groot and I am still as obsessed with him as I was before. I mean look at him!

Dinner on Danny’s birthday was so lovely. We got to go to my favourite restaurant and have my favourite foods. It’s in Dundrum Town Centre and is called Cortina’s. They do the best salsas I have ever had and their chips are so much nicer than your standard nacho.
We didn’t do a whole lot else for the rest of that day if I’m honest. I kind of ruined it all being sick. Before you all give out to me it wasn’t a silly cold or something, it was the blinding pain, bladder infection, cystitis type thing. UGH it doesn’t even bear remembering.
BTW Danny loved all his presents. As I got most of them (and gave him them) a few months ago he was very shocked to open something on his birthday. It would have been better if I’d not forgotten the one bit to make it work but I’m blaming the unhelpful shop assistant for that one.
To be honest. That’s all I have to say on my birthday. I was spoiled and got really nice presents but it was nice to have chilled out and not have so much planned that something could inevitably go wrong as is the case every other year.
Before I go I want to draw your attention to a post I shared on Facebook earlier, for a very worthy cause. 
I will see you all during the week with posts on studying for my QFA and dealing with Cystitis (it wasn’t fun).

****Hey Guys!

So one of the lads I work with is Trustee for an organisation which was set up to help a little girl who is fighting Neuroblastoma. Merryn was diagnosed as having Neuroblastoma in 2013. Neuroblastoma has a high rate of relapse with treatment options in Ireland being limited in the case of a relapse which is why her parents set up their appeal.

I adore Merryn, I think she is the cutest little fighter I have ever seen and if I even had half her strength and enthusiasm for life I’d be ten times the person I am now.

Which is why I am happy to share this auction with you all as I know you love good causes and the XFACTOR. Stephen (my work colleague) was hanging out with Louis Walsh when he was given a few things to auction off to raise funds for Merryn. The first of these to be auctioned off is tickets for the first live XFactor results show in London. These tickets cannot be bought and will give you the luxury of sitting in Louis’ allocated seats, watching the show. There is also a chance you may meet some of the stars of the show but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed as it is of course live.

If you want to win this amazing prize click the link below and share this around. Also keep an eye out for further auctions! ****

To read more about Merryn visit
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My Manchester Trip(s)

As all you regular visitors/followers on any of my sites will know. I have been to Manchester twice in the recent past. Once at the start of July and once at the start of August. You may also wonder why I have been there so often. It’s quite simple really. Danny, the boyfriend, is originally from Manchester, so it is the perfect excuse for a weekend away. When we went in July it was pretty much for a quick visit to see his mum as he hadn’t been home since early March. August was to see Anberlin in concert and spend some time with Danny’s sister for her birthday.
I always get so stressed before going away. I have to have everything planned in advance. But thankfully as we were going to visit Danny’s family I was able to leave it all up to him to sort both times. I mainly took charge of printing everything off and arranging a hotel for gig night. I also made sure we got to the airport on time. I did this by making sure we left the house four hours before our flight. It worked fine the first time when we were getting to the airport by bus. The second time not so much as we got a lift and had to arse about for some time. Ah sure. Better to be safe than sorry.
The one thing I was very worried about was actually getting to Danny’s mum’s house. Thing is she lives in a lovely little town called Ramsbottom. As lovely as it is it is still 40 minutes from Manchester City/Airport. The local taxi company had a deal on which was pretty handy. It cost us £25 to get to where we were staying. It was either that or get a Train, Bus, Metro and taxi.
I of course got some shopping in both times we went over. The July visit consisted of me getting disco pants and LOADS in Primark and pretty much cost me all my money. The second visit I was a bit more smart, choosing to invest wisely in make up brands I can’t get at home and such. To be honest though, the days in Manchester were probably the part of the trips I wasn’t too fussed about. At the end of the day shopping is shopping and I much preferred hanging around Ramsbottom than bashing around Manchester hoping to find nice presents. Especially when shopping grates on my nerves at the best of times.
The best part of the days where we were actually in Manchester City had to be staying in the Ibis Hotel and going to see Anberlin in Manchester University. Anberlin has been one of Danny’s favourite bands for a long time and they have decided to call it a day at the end of 2014. Before that day arrives they have released a final album and gone on a final world tour, which Danny had tickets for. The first song Danny ever got me to listen to was an Anberlin song and we have listened to them every day since so not only did he get to see his favourite band but I felt like I was also seeing mine. It was a bonus when we got to meet them all after. 
I love gigs, I love the music and the atmosphere and I had such a great time that night but I have to say the best part for me was dragging my sweaty, weary body into the shower after the gig and getting into a nice, plush, hotel bed. The shower was UNREAL even if it does look like the inside of the space ship.
I just realised I’m pretty much blabbering on and I don’t want to bore you. I’m sure if you wanted to know ALL about my trip you would have gone yourself. I will point out two more things I ADORED and then I will leave you to enjoy the rest of this not so awful day. Yes they are both food related.
The first is a restaurant called Spice Garden. It is Thai and the best you will ever get. The one problem is everything is cooked there and then and it is quite small but also takes take out orders, so you can be waiting on the food for a fairly long time. But I will say it is always worth it. Their Pad Thai is my favourite meal in the world and I genuinely can’t wait to go back to Ramsbottom to get it again.
The second is a café and again I look forward to going back again. We went there during our first visit and all I wanted when we got home was to go back to The Chocolate Café. I was so happy when Danny’s sister said she wanted to go there for her birthday. I have no pictures to show you how cute it is but basically downstairs is a little chocolate shop and upstairs is a café selling all manner of chocolate infused foods. They do the best hot chocolate I have ever have. I PROMISE I will get photos when I go back.
That’s all for me. My next post will be live just after the weekend as it is mine and Danny’s birthdays and I will delve a little further into my anxiety. Until then I will share the few photos I took on my trips with you.
PS. I’ve been shortlisted for the BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the BLOG AWARDS IRELAND. Thanks for all the support.
PPS. Please send me post ideas or #AskLynnJo questions via my email which is listed in my information 😀
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Blog Awards Ireland Launch Party

Am I a socialite now? 

So last night I went to the launch of Blog Awards Ireland 2014 last night and I came very close to not going. In the days I got very socially anxious about going to such a big event. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t too keen on going either so I tried desperately to find a friend (a bloggy friend) to go with me, but unfortunately we don’t all work nine to five. 

To try pump myself up for the event, and so I wouldn’t have a major panic attack, I went out and bought a nice new outfit, that was somewhat out of my comfort zone, and got all dolled up.

When I got there it was very busy and I did start freaking out a little. The event description had said there would be ‘fun and games’ which I think played on my mind. I really did not want to be called up in front of everyone. If I know I have to get up in front of a crowd and perform or speak, it’s no bother to me, but it’s the unexpected ones and the thoughts that it might happen that cause me to freak out. 

Thankfully I did not get called up. The large crowd did make me a bit uneasy as I kept getting bumped and had to move out of everyone’s way. It thinned out though so it’s okay. 

I did really enjoy myself though and so did Danny, I think. We were downstairs in Pacinos which is such a nice venue. There were lovely complimentary cocktails provided. Madeline over at Tea Lady Tales played bartender for the night and did a brilliant job. 

The food for the night was courtesy of Glenisk. I had eaten before the event so I wasn’t too hungry but I did manage to grab some of their Coronation Chicken Cups which were DELISH. So much so I demanded the recipe. You can get this recipe as well as all the other treats they served here.

All in all it was a fabulous night, thank you so much to Amanda and Lorna for putting it all together. Whilst I only chatted to two other people it was two more than I’d normally be comfortable talking to so I am pretty happy about it. It was definitely a step in the right direction. 

Have a look at some photos of the night taken by the wonderful Damien over at Cearbhuil Studios, I hope you don’t mind me nicking some of these. 

If any of you give those recipes a try make sure you send me some snaps on Twitter.


Some nice organiser ladies / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

The lovely girls who kept us fed / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

Glenisk are amazing sponsors / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

Myself and the handsome Danny / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

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Hungry for Change

So I know January is a time when people make changes to their lives, or say they are going to, and that they never work out. While yeah I am kind of following the herd here and starting to make changes, it is the second wave of changes I have been making in my life.
Last year I went through a pretty nasty break up. Now ten months on and so much has changed. Everything that changed was inspired by both my break up and being made redundant from my job. When I was with my ex I put on loads of weight and I hated it. I have always been skinny, I did ballet for 13 years, it was what I was used to. Now I had loads of extra weight on me and I just couldn’t handle it. I wanted to lose weight, but being stuck in a relationship, one where I thought I was happy, meant I thought I was trying to lose the weight but I wasn’t. It was only when I left that relationship and found myself searching for new jobs down the line that I realised I had never been happy. I had just been comfortable. Comfortable in my relationship and my previous job. Now I was at a loss and seriously had to change things. I went on the hunt for a new job and finally found one I loved. Once I settled into a job I loved I found my lifestyle changed too. I was eating slightly healthier and I wasn’t snacking or comfort eating as much. I found that my life had a routine and it was a nice regular routine with a regular sleep pattern. I was getting up and out and doing things every day. Gone were the days where I would just mope about and do nothing. I also put more into my blog and got involved with writing for a website. I love my blog, I really have put my heart and soul into it. Now that work isn’t as hectic post Christmas I can start finding that balance between work and my blog and start upping how much effort and work I put into my blog. I have also slimmed down considerably which of course has made me happier and much more confident. However I know this was just based on how many hours I was working and how little time I had to eat. So I really have to start looking at something more permanent.
For the past while I have been pretty ill. This came to a climax over the New Year and out of the past 7 days I have spent 5 of them in bed suffering. I never get bad doses like this and no matter how hard I tried to fight it I just couldn’t shift it. Even now I am absolutely dying with it. I realised that my lifestyle might have something to do with that. I especially realised that when I woke up today after twenty hours of sleep. I was talking to my manager and Lisa in work and my manager recommended we both watch Hungry for Change. She watched it and it changed her life. She lost two stone in three months just from changing her lifestyle and cutting out all the processed stuff. I have just finished watching Hungry for Change and while I don’t think I had much of an epiphany I am definitely looking to ways I can change my lifestyle and get myself in gear. By this summer I want to have a fabulous body and fabulous skin as well as a fabulous state of mind all from changing my lifestyle. I want these to be changes that I will keep up, rather than some crash course thing.
So what kind of changes will I be making. Well i will definitely be cutting out processed foods. If it grows in the garden I will eat it. If not… I probably won’t eat it. I am also going to take Lisa’s approach of having about 6 small meals a day. Two of these meals will be juices or smoothies and one will consist of my dinner and another of my breakfast. The two in between will be snacking on healthy snacks like pieces of fruit and veg or nuts. Now I don’t like bits. I never have but that is something I am just going to have to suck up and get over if I am going to take this seriously. About a month ago I got myself a salad from the salad bar in Superquinn and put three or four different salads in it. I also got two portions of fruit. Those salads had things I would normally never eat in them. Including seeds and you know what… it didn’t kill me. I happened to really like them. I am sure I’d like these things if I just got over all my preconceived notions of not liking them.
I am also going to start eating natural yoghurt and fruit or granola for my breakfast. Again things I wouldn’t normally eat and would consider gross but I need to get over that if I want to achieve the lifestyle I want so much. There are ways to make all these things taste nicer you just have to want to do it and want to eat them and then it will all come together. Dinners are going to be healthy chicken dishes with loads of vegetables. Gone is red meat and the heapings of carbohydrates. And in is more fruit and lashings of water.
The changes I am making aren’t ground breaking or revolutionary. They won’t even change my day much. They are just small simple changes that are gonna really vamp up my life. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t know how much I weigh at the moment. I don’t know how many calories I should or do eat a day. All I know is where I am and where I want to be and I will keep working until I am there without the need for numbers.
I am also going to start being more positive and seeing the better side to everything. I was doing a pretty good job of it until I was struck down sick. But I am getting back up. I am also going to start walking more. Walking is a great place to think and just pound the pavement listening to music. In return you are de-stressed, have gotten fresh air and have gotten some crucial exercise.
Do I have goals at the end of this? Of course I do. My goal is that by the time I travel to London in April I will feel better in myself and be in a much better frame of mind to go shopping. Something I do struggle with at the moment. By summer, probably around my birthday, I aim to be happy, have everyone see me as happy and hopefully be lying on a beach with a nice man and have loads of good, kind people in my life. And by 2015? I plan to be happy in a job I love, be moving out into my own place and have a semi popular blog that inspires people and helps anyone who finds themselves in a rut and strive to be their best.

If you are thinking of changing some stuff in your life or striving to eat healthier watch Hungry for Change. There are two types of people talking in it. People who made changes and people who are experts in their fields. It might not cause you to make drastic changes but it may provide you with some inspiration and serve as a kick start for you to make some much needed changes.

What changes are you hoping to make this year? 

Let me know in the comments.
Lynn Jo xox 

Indie Spice | Review

Last week was my unofficial work party, the big one is in January, and we went out for a lovely meal in Swords.
The ladies of the store chose to go to Indie Spice for dinner, an Indian restaurant in Swords Village. Now I have never, ever had Indian food before and you do hear stories of Indian food going straight through people so I was quite nervous. I was also kinda scared that I  wouldn’t know what to get to eat. They had the menu in work a few days before hand so we could have a wee look at it so that wasn’t too bad. I’d been shopping with my mum the day before and she bought Tikka Masala for us to have during the week so I went with that.
When we got there it turned out we had a different menu in work than the one we were paying for. So we requested that menu and boy was there much more choice on it. I just went for Onion Bhajee as my started and then my Tikka Masala. It was actually so nice. Onion Bhajees in my opinion are nice crispy onions and they were so delish. As for the Tikka Massala, it was sooooo good but I just couldn’t finish it because I was so hungry when I got to the restaurant and filled up on poppadoms (which were so good). When we were served our meal we got some potatoes and spinach which were a nice addition as well as the basmati pilau rice. The dessert options were Baileys cheesecake or vanilla ice cream. I don’t like cheesecake so I went for the ice cream which was yummy. Why is it ice cream in a restaurant is always better than anything you buy in the shops? Our ice cream had a long stalk of brown spaghetti sticking out of it… now that I didn’t quite understand.
Some of the ladies got Baileys or Vodka after the meal. I kinda tuned out for that bit but I think it may have been complimentary. 
But anyway all that was €29.95,
I also had a Long Island Iced Tea which cost me €7.95.
I must say it’s a long time since I’ve ever been at a restaurant where the staff were so polite and obliging AND the food being so good at the same time. I’m already looking forward to going back. 
What restaurants have you been to that you suprisingly loved?
Let me know in the comments.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

My Frank’s Hot Sauce Addiction | Recipe

OKAY. So I owe ya’ll a recipe. So I thought I would do a nice combined post. It kinda has some recipes in it so it counts.
Internet, meet Frank’s.
Frank’s meet the internet. 
Frank’s Hot Sauce and I have a very passionate relationship. This one time back in the day I made me a Frank’s Hot Sauce bake thing and I was HOOKED.
I found ya’ll a recipe that has measurements for the butter and sauce but I normally wing it.
PRE HEAT an oven to between 180 and 200 degrees celsius.
MELT 3 TBSP of butter in a pan.
ADD IN 4 TBSP of Frank’s Hat Sauce.
MIX TOGETHER and throw in some paprika, salt and pepper.
LINE a roasting tin/baking dish thing with some chopped potatoes, sliced carrots, chicken fillets and some red onion for flavour. 
POUR the sauce over everything in the dish.
BAKE for about an hour. (You may need to removed the chicken and give the veg another few minutes, mainly the potatoes.)
But seriously I really have a problem. I go through so much of this stuff. There’s a shop somewhere that sells it by the gallon and I mean I want that stuff. I dip crisps into it (straight from the bottle), and lately I have started making it as a sauce/dip for sandwhiches and veg. 
Pour some mayo into a bowl and add some Frank’s Hot Sauce to flavour.
If you want the sauce thicker add more mayo because the Frank’s Hot Sauce ‘waters it down’ so to speak, making it more runny. 
For sandwhiches I tend to have it slightly more runny as I like more flavour with the chicken or ham. When I have it as a dip I make it thicker with more mayo. You could throw some paprika or cajun spice into the mayo either as well or instead to make some tangy dips for carrot sticks.
Yesterday I went too far though. I added Frank’s Hot Sauce to the water I was boiling my pasta in. It wasn’t a bad thing though. It was the nicest thing I ever tasted, especially when I held back some of the water for my sauce.

Everyone should try this sauce, but be warned… you could end up like me freaking out in case they don’t sell Frank’s in London.
My bottle is almost out by the way if anyone wants to send me more 😛

Lynn Jo xox

PS. Literally only hours left for the giveaway so get your entries in.
Maybe I should give away some Frank’s Hot Sauce next time.

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Feeling Under The Weather.

Okay let me tell you a little something about me. During August EVERY year, without fail, I get sick. It will normally be some horrid, chesty, cough or a really bad head-cold. It happens every August just before I have to go back to school, without fail. I would have been healthier than ever all summer but once mid August hits, I’m down and out for the count. Luckily for me I won’t be going back to school this year, so I won’t get sick, right? WRONG!! Out of nowhere I have found myself struck down with the worst cough ever. And to make it even worse, it’s not just an annoying cough that makes me sound like a dying power drill, no it’s a sore one, so every time I cough I kinda roll up into a ball with the pain. I really can’t catch a break. You might be wondering why I don’t just go to the doctors, get some medication and be done with it. This I can explain also. I have been getting these coughs for years and have gone to the doctor and gotten medicine, but at one point it was getting so bad I went to my university doctor and they diagnosed me with asthma and gave me inhalers, I still had the cough though. I have found the times when I fork out the money for the doctor visit and the medicine that it takes just as long to get better as if I had suffered through, so I am very tempted not to bother. That and I don’t have €60 for the doctor and however much the medicine costs. Instead I have chose to just plough through and deal with it. But that’s not to say I’m not feeling sorry for myself. 
So in honour of my impeding death by cough I decided to share my top things I like to do when I am feeling poorly and a bit under the weather. (NOTE: Flat 7up and dry toast is not on here because I never got that cure and obviously I am not Irish enough for that or something).
Yeah, I know everyone knows this one. But it is my personal favourite thing for when I am sick, especially when it’s a cough. I get to devour loads of white bread AND I love when you can feel the warmth soup sliding down your achey throat, caressing it with it’s soothing hands, yup, that is the life. Vegetable soup is my go to soup when I am sick, a nice giant bowl of it with at least 4 slices of white bread (and I wonder why I put on weight). However I will take what I can get. Tomato is my other fave. I think one of the things I miss most about my nana since she passed away is her way of cooking. She had a particular way of making tomato soup (and coddle) and it just made it all taste better and cannot be replicated.
A Hot Shower
Now being sick calls for a special kind of shower. This is not one where you clean yourself, don’t be fooled. This is a shower where you crank it up so it is a little hotter than you can bear and you just stand there. Until you are wrinkly like a prune. It makes it better, trust me. 
When I am sick I don’t take normal painkillers, in tablet form. No I take the kid friendly liquid version, I don’t want to put my throat to anymore stress do I? I also load up on Strepsils and Soothers, because my throat needs that TLC… A bottle of glycerine honey and lemon also works wonders, it is literally magic juice.
Being sick, for me, is crucial TV catch up time, if I wasn’t sick so often I’d be so behind on my shows. I’ve noticed when I am sick I have usually watched all my shows so I normally resort to 90210. It’s my go to sick show, and EVERY time I go to watch it it takes an hour to figure out what episode I’m on. Believe me I don’t even know what season I am on anymore. I also like to wear as many clothes as possible to bed. We are talking tracksuit bottoms, fluffy socks and jumpers. You can never have too many clothes on when you’re sick.
Junk Food
Now my favourite thing for when I was sick was to eat my nana’s coddle. But naturally my mum doesn’t have the same knack at making it so instead I choose to just eat crap. Crisps, jellies, ice cream and chocolate are all sleeping in the bed beside me while we watch 90210 together.
Lighting a Candle
I’m Irish, remember?
I’m giving myself a crash course in all of the above in the hopes I can go out tonight and not die. I am going out no matter how sick I am. But I am really hoping not to die.