Get Some Action And Adventure For Your Next Vacation

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There are lots of reasons for taking a vacation. You may need a really good break from work. Or you may be a keen traveler ready to take on your next country of interest. Whether you want to relax, or you’re looking to learn something new about another culture, a little action and adventure could be lots of fun. It helps to make your vacation even more memorable. And you might even have the chance to try something new. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try one of these fun activities next time you’re on vacation:

Husky Sleds
Driving dog sleds can be one of the most fun activities you’ll ever do. If you’re looking for a really cool vacation idea, then a winter holiday in Europe could be just the thing. There are several places for you to enjoy riding with Huskies. You can tour with a group to make the experience even more exciting. Racing across the snowy landscapes with the dogs will certainly get your heart pumping.

Cycling Tours
There are many countries that offer excellent cycle routes for you to follow. The ones that take you through the open countryside can give you the greatest challenge as well as the most spectacular views. You might choose to book a cycling tour that could take you through a region’s vineyards or toward some interesting attractions. The best thing about it is that you won’t gain any weight on this vacation!

While the landscapes all over the world can be a huge draw for a traveler, other people live for the view under the water. You might be keen to dive for lost treasures and shipwrecks. Or maybe you want to see some of the most beautiful marine life in the world. Getting your diving certificates could be one of the best things you do. You can then tackle some of the most incredible waters the planet has to offer and get a view like no other.

Hiking is a great way to see some fantastic landscapes without missing any of the detail. It’s a great way to keep fit too. If you like to be active, chances are you’ve already enjoyed a walking holiday or two. Of course, there are hundreds more you can choose from. Pick coastal hikes or serene lake walks. Maybe you’re ready to take it up hills and mountains?

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, traveling by snowmobile can give you the greatest adventure. If you’re able to pick customised holiday experiences, then you should definitely include a ride on one of these. They can get you quickly from A to B across snowy terrains. But they’re not just practical. They are so much fun to drive too! Race across the wilderness and make the most of any winter break away.

Staying active on holiday can help you avoid putting on any holiday weight. You might even become fitter while you’re away. But most importantly you’ll have a lot of fun. Make some great memories with a little action and adventure for your next vacation.

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Summer in New York | Guest Post

Hi guys,

As mentioned a few posts ago I am going to be posting essays from a number of bloggers who were willing to share their plans for summer with me.
Today’s post comes from Liza Tait-Bailey (how amazing is that name?!).
Liza is a gorgeous student who set her blog up after she moved to Paris as an opportunity to document her travels. She has travelled to Morocco and studied in Abu Dhabi but today she is telling us all about her summer LIVING in New York. Does anyone else have major travel envy? My favourite feature of Liza’s blog is her bucket list. Maybe I might post mine on my blog, although I’d have to come up with a bucket list first.
If you want to read more of Liza’s tales of her travels you can check her out here.

There is a special kind of overheating that one experiences in July in midtown Manhattan at the end of the working day, when all around you New Yorkers are hurrying to the subway or bars to mark the sense of freedom that I have come to associate with 6pm. It’s something I had never considered before this summer, and every time I experience it I get a strange sense of amusement that I am here, witnessing this daily parade of sweaty, well-dressed adults.
As a rising Junior at New York University Abu Dhabi (that’s a special little NYU campus in the United Arab Emirates for those who haven’t heard of it), I am spending the summer interning with a social enterprise in New York. Global Goods Partners aims to empower female artisans in poor communities by providing a marketplace for their products. They pay a fair wage, and as a non-profit ensure that as much money goes back into the community as possible to provide necessities such as education and health care. And my job? Well I’m a marketing intern, focusing particularly on the social media side.
Interning has been inspiring and exhausting in equal measures. As a student, albeit one who is usually busy with about four projects at once, I usually have far more control over my time and the 9-5 came as a real shock to the system. That, coupled with my hour commute twice a day, means that I feel a frustration that I can only associate with being in an office in Manhattan all day. Being in New York this summer is amazing, being inside a building on W 30th street where the only window faces a wall, not so much.
It’s not all despair and dissatisfaction though! In true intern fashion I have learning a lot in so many areas: from non-profit lingo to the best practises for Pinterest, and met some really interesting people along the way. And outside the office? Well I’ve been making the most of being a temporary New-Yorker, in true tourist fashion.
Attending the Pride March on Fifth Avenue just days after the marriage equality act passed was a day I will never forget, as the sense of joy and love in the city was all consuming. Other highlights include seeing Wicked on Broadway, and of course enjoying all the museums that line Central Park (yes I did sit on the steps of the Met, because who doesn’t want to feel like Blair Waldorf?). Weekly bottomless brunches and walks along the highline, my all time favourite spot in NYC, have made me fall in love with this lifestyle, a shame since there’s only a few weeks left. Luckily future plans include taking a trip up to Niagara Falls and a cheeky visit to Costa Rica on the way home – my first jaunt into Central America – so I’m not too sad at the prospect of leaving. You’ll have to keep your eyes on my blog to see read about those adventures!

By the way guys I am delighted to announce I was nominated for The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 so a BIG thank you to anyone who nominated me and also don’t forget you can get 20% off a Dukebox subscription over at using my code LYNN20. Jynx’s first Dukebox should have shipped today so I can’t wait to share her opening it with you all. 

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The Osprey Hotel & Spa

Do you ever have those days that just seem like they are never going to end? Today I had one of those days but thank God I am home now and wrapped up in my jammies with a full belly.
Today’s post is dedicated to my lovely two night break in The Osprey Hotel and Spa. Before I start I just want to point out that this post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way by the hotel, I just had a bloomin’ brilliant time.
Our booking was an awkward one. There were four guests, one was staying only one night, the remaining were staying for two. Our single guest wasn’t quite sure if she would make it for a while which added some slight difficulty to booking, no point booking just to cancel. I fired away anyhow with the booking for three as it was definite we were staying.
Throughout the whole booking process I dealt with Helen, the reservations manager, and she was a godsend. She made the whole process much easier. She sorted us out with a triple room with an AMAZING value package. For €190 we were to get two nights B&B, three course dinner in MASH restaurant one night and two spa treatments. When it came to booking the one night stay I was asked would I like a package and the same deal was sorted out for me for one night only at a cost of €130.

The other staff in the hotel also carried out this high quality customer service, always smiling and always willing to help. Two of these stood out particularly, Niall, the waiter who managed to put up with 4 giddy women and the girl in the spa who moved some things around so my mum could get the massage that had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Let us not forget the girl who made her first black Russian for my mum and went out of her way to ensure it was right.

The treatments were lovely, if you have never been on a spa break The Osprey is ideal for your first. I had never been to one before but I was so at ease. I got a facial and my skin has been glowing ever since, I had been worried I wouldn’t be able to relax but it took me no time to do so. We also had the Rasul Mud Treatment all together. This is a ‘self service’s treatment with no therapist and it is definitely an experience. I won’t ruin it for anyone but I would highly recommend trying it if you can. My aunty also said the Hot Stone Massage was the best she has had.

I will stop harping on about how great a time I had, but for a great value, high quality break I would definitely recommend it.

Chat soon.

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The City (Day 1) | London Trip Post No. 1

London has been and will always be my favourite city. 
I have always been in love with that place and I change when I am there. I was only off the plane ten minutes and everything I felt when I was at home in Ireland was gone. There was no anxiety, no freaking out in social situations, no tiredness and no dullness. Everything was brighter and more brilliant and I was just me. I always believe that the person I am in London is the person I am meant to be in live. This has lead me to make the decision to move to London. I will do a more detailed blog post on this over the next few days but just know that it will be happening. 
Until that post comes about informing you of all this information let me first tell you all the amazing things I got up to in London City on my trip there last weekend. 
For those of you who don’t know, I travelled to London last weekend to go see one of McFly’s 4 sold out 10th anniversary shows. This is post one of a trilogy of posts about my trip. This post is going to focus solely on what I got up to around the city while I was there. The other posts will deal with the travelling and McFly aspects of the trip! 
[EDIT: This post got too long so I have broken the first of the trilogy of posts into two sections, I guess it isn’t really a trilogy anymore 😛 The second part will be posted tomorrow!!]
I went to London with my mum and because we were only staying two nights we had to pack a fair amount of activities into our two and a bit days in the city. Naturally the first thing we did was headed to the hotel. We stayed in the Premier Inn at London County Hall. We got a train from Stansted to Liverpool Street, then a cab to the hotel. Normally we’d get the tube but my mum watched a programme on the tube, freaked herself out and refused to get on them thus complicating everything. If you were to stay at this hotel you can get the tube to Waterloo Station which is literally only over the road. The hotel is so central, it’s under the London Eye for feck sake like. It is a bit pricey due to it’s location. It was a little over £300 for the two nights, not including breakfast, but you do get top quality rooms and service for that money. 
When we went to check it it was a bit early as you can’t check in until 12pm and the hotel was pretty jammers so there were no rooms ready early. This wasn’t a bother to us though as we decided to go to the Starbucks across the road and and make plans for our first stop on our trip: MADAME TUSSAUDS!!
Me (not looking to splendid) and apparently Emma Watson
Now Madame Tussauds is a fairly good bit from the hotel and my mum had decided that as well as not getting the tube we weren’t allowed to walk anywhere so instead of walking to Madame Tussauds we had the bright idea of getting a tour bus! We forked £26 each out on 24 hour tour tickets and proceeded to take the tour bus to Madame Tussauds. Now this was actually a pretty good idea as we have never done a tour bus around London and it meant we got to see a lot of stuff we wouldn’t see just walking to Madame Tussaud’s and back. We got to see all the houses owned by the Grosvenor family, some very fancy and expensive hotels, went through Mayfair and saw the usual stuff like the Palace and Marble Arch. 
We had been originally going to pre book tickets to Madame Tussauds because that’s what my mum wanted to do for her birthday, but we got a buy one get one free voucher from a cereal box so we had to queue up an hour to get into the place. It was worth it though, tickets set me back a cool £30 instead of the £60 it would have been.
Now going through Madame Tussauds was great. They stagger entry so there are never too many people in the one place at one time. However I was disappointed with some of the waxworks, well my mum was. I thought some of them were just hilarious. Then there were the ones who looked decent, but when I got my photo taken and checked it later, they just sucked (example Emma Watson, wanted to make all the lads jelly but sure it doesn’t even look like her in the photo). Then there were the photos I was really looking forward to having but mammy fucked up the taking of the photo (Leonardo Di Caprio). All that mattered, being honest, was that I got my photo taken with One Direction. Thankfully there was a professional photographer so she snapped me. My mum then paid £15 for me to get that photo on a magnet, photo frame and keyring. Yeah I was chuffed at that. Typically though the hottest staff member in the place worked the One Direction stall and probably thought I was pathetic, fairly certain I was older than him too…

There wasn’t much else to do in Madame Tussauds. My mum and I didn’t go to the Scream part of the exhibition because of her dodgy ticker. All that was left was to do the Spirit of London part of the exhibition (we didn’t go into the Marvel part either… Jean again). The Spirit of London was a taxi cab ride thing, like It’s a Small World in Disneyland Paris. it brings you through the history of London. It was fun I guess… actually I am lying. It was weird and freaked me out. Someone was seriously high when they came up with that concept.
There wasn’t too much left for us to do then to be honest. It was nearing 5 at that stage and we had dinner reservations in Planet Hollywood for 8pm so we hopped on a tour bus and headed back to the hotel to check in and head off to gorge ourselves. When we got to the hotel the guy who checked us in was BEAUTIFUL. His name was Matthew and I could just see his tattoo poking out of his sleeve and that accent. MY LORD. He had the exact same sense of humour as me and I just wanted to bring him home with me. Matthew if you are reading this, get in touch. WOAH MAMA. 
When we were checked in I had a quick shower and got dolled up to go for dinner. Planet Hollywood as usual didn’t disappoint. Our table was ready when we got there and our server, I think her name was Julia, was so pleasant and helpful. My mum and I got Buffalo Wings to start. I only got them because a server walked past with them for someone else and they smelt of Frank’s Hot Sauce which I am a divil for. then I had La Lasagna while Jean had the Steak Pie. I love the way PH do their Lasagne as they give you three HUGE penne tubes with the meat inside and then the tubes are breaded like mozzarella sticks and my god it is heaven. We got the Chocolate Brownie Super Sundae to share, it comes in a HUGE martini glass and is divine. I had two cocktails while we were there; the Planet Cooler, and the Mango Bay. I’m on a bit of a mango buzz lately which is why I gave the Mango Bay a go but I would recommend the Planet Cooler to everyone. It was divine!!
Chocolate Brownie Super Sundae
Planet Cooler

We finished up the night in the hotel bar with a few drinks. I had a Jack and Coke which cost me £3.49 and Jean had a Guinness, though English Guinness just isn’t the same as the home grown stuff so she wasn’t too keen. We were falling asleep in our drinks anyway so it was definitely time for bed!
It literally took us minutes to fall asleep and thank god because we had a big day ahead of us… CONCERT DAY!!
Stay tuned for day number two of the trip which I will post tomorrow with the post on the concert to follow on Friday. The post about the flight will be online on Saturday and I will do a haul post on Sunday.
I have included some photos from day one of my trip throughout the posts. I hope you enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend a trip to London to see a show and do some shopping if you haven’t yet. It is one of the nicest cities in the world and you can’t have a bad time there. We flew into Stansted with Ryanair and took the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street train station. We stayed in the London County Hall branch of the Premier Inn. Our tour around the city was with the Big Bus Tour Company which we picked up on Westminster Bridge. I have included links for all these places and services as well as Madame Tussauds and Planet Hollywood below in case you want to check any of them out. If you want some recommendations for your trip to London please don’t hesitate to ask. I love sharing my favourite city with people.

See you all tomorrow.

Lynn Jo xox
Generic Thames shot.
Me mate Ben.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Hey Guys,
So about a week ago I paid for a TEFL course. For those of you that aren’t sure what that is, it is a course where you learn to teach English as a foreign language. It’s normally taught to students or professionals who need to improve their English abilities. Most people take up a TEFL course as it basically means you can travel on a working holiday, teaching English, in foreign countries.
Now these courses are normally over €400 but I was lucky enough, thanks to my cousin, to find and avail of an offer where you only paid €59 for the course.  I managed to borrow this money off my bad with the intention of paying him back once I get a job!
Now I’ve been very bad at getting into the course but I am not doing too bad. It is a 140 hour course, and you have 90 days to do it. I am just about finished the first core section of it which is all about setting up lessons and classroom management. I must say though it’s hard going. It is very hard to sit on your laptop reading off reams of class notes and not getting very far with them. But I’m not hating it, and to be honest I am really excited about having another qualification on my degree! I will keep you updated with my progress!