Definitely Cannot Do This

I was so sure I could do the 28 Day Fat Shredder programme from Darin Classen Fitness. Convinced. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I definitely thought I could do it.
The exercise was easy for me. I managed to make it work. The nutrition plan though. That was something I couldn’t handle. It was too much at once and too much of a lifestyle change. It was never going to be sustainable. I did the Operation Transformation programme in work which saw me make a few changes to my diet but that made all the difference. It is a pity I fell off as I WAS starting to see results. But not to worry. 
My plan now is to take some of the nutritional advice I received on board and adapt it to my lifestyle and needs. In line with this I am going to try out one of Darin’s other plans, or continue to use the 28 day fitness plan, it was one that really suited me.
Expect an update on the fitness plan I will use moving forward later this week!
In the meantime I had a sneak peek at the newest Flye Fit gym today. It’s based on the South Circular Road and is perfect for anyone living or working that side of town, particularly the Rathmines/Ranelagh areas. While it will be rare I use the SCR branch, due to Coolock being just next door to my house, it will be handy for me if I have plans in town, such as brunch, or just want a change of scene on the weekend.
The gym is based in the Old Garda Club in a listed building. The listed status of the building has note hampered them at all. The place looks great, it’s all bright and airy, with a ridiculously high ceiling. Sure there is even a fire place.
What I love most about Flye Fit is it is cheap and affordable, while also being ridiculously self service. €32 a month to use all the gyms. All I need is for Dundrum to open and that will be the icing on the cake. I will be able to work out and buy my comics at once!
 Check out some photos of the new branch below, they were still doing some work on the place so you may need to excuse the appearance in places. It’s open tomorrow at 10am!

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Zip Lining | Day Trip

Hey guys!

It was my beautiful friend Caitríona’s birthday the other week and she decided she wanted to do something different to celebrate the occasion. What did she decide to do? Ziplining. Now those of you who know me may be thinking to yourself right now, surely Lynn Jo didn’t go, she would hate something like that. Well I did go, because I am trying to say yes to more things, remember, and I LOVED it.

I genuinely had a great time. Don’t be fooled, there were times I really didn’t want to do it or was crapping myself, but at the end of it all I had an amazing time and I might consider doing it all again.

We went to Zipit for our excursion. Here they have a number of different courses with a variety of activities and zip lines. We gave the red course a miss but I have to say I gave everything else a shot and even nailed the base jump.

It’s about €30 for the experience but that does give you 4 hours on site. I would highly recommened it to everyone whether you’re an adventurer or not. Besides you’re strapped in so can’t really hurt yourself can you.

See you all Sunday for another post. Not too sure what it will be on so feel free to let me know what you would like to see.
Have a great rest of the week.


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My Favourite Dish | Recipe

NOTE: Sorry this was so late going up guys. Blogger was shooting up loads of privacy issue warnings earlier and wouldn’t let me upload. ENJOY 🙂
SECOND NOTE: I just realised the navigation bar at the top of my blog does not work. I will have this fixed by the time Wednesday’s post goes live. oops. :O

Hi guys, 
I have decided to share a recipe I adore with you all. It’s a go to of mine when I am not too sure what to make. I also use it as a base recipe and make slight changes to it in order to have different flavours. It’s so easy to do, takes only a few minutes to prepare and you can leave it in the oven and get on with any other jobs you may have to do. I found the original recipe here a number of years ago but I have paraphrased the recipe to suit how I would normally make it.
Note: I have used Sweet Potato with this recipe before and they take about the same time to cook as regular potato and I may even taste slightly nicer in the dish.


Chicken fillets 
Green Beans
Red Onion
6 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Herbs and Seasonings

Baking dish
Chopping board
Slotted spoon
1.     Preheat the oven to 180°c to 200°c.
2.     Using some kitchen paper wipe a drop of oil around the baking dish.
3.     In a bowl combine the oil, juice of a lemon (or more depending on how you want it to taste) the garlic and any other herbs and seasonings you might require. If I am adding a different flavour I would do it at this step combining it with the oil and omitting the lemon juice if necessary.
4.     Slice another lemon and line the bottom of the baking dish with the slices.
5.     Prepare your green beans and place them in the bowl with the oil and flavourings. Swirl them about so they are coated in the mixture. Take them out with the slotted spoon in order to allow for any excess of the mixture to drain off. Lay the beans in a single layer on top of the lemon slices.
6.     Repeat step 5 with any other vegetables you want in your dish( excluding the red onion). I normally stick to just potatoes and carrots. I have tried brocolli and cauliflower but they cooked significantly faster than the rest of the vegetables and became quite burnt. Putting them in later was too much hassle for me so I didn’t really use them again. I normally just stick to potatoes and carrots, either peeled or unpeeled and roughly chopped. Use these to line the outside of the dish.
7.     Coat the chicken fillets in the mixture and lay them in the middle of the dish.
8.     Pour any left over mixture over everything.
9.     Chop a red onion into 4 and place in each corner of the dish for flavour. Sometimes if I have a spare lemon I will cut some slices of lemon and onion and sprinkle them over the chicken fillets for added flavour.
10. Cook. I have found that about 40 minutes cooks the chicken fillet to perfect, mouth watering tastiness. This is with a decent sized chicken fillet, but times may vary. Sometimes the vegetables take longer than the chicken so I take the chicken out and leave the vegetables  a bit longer although this can be rectified by chopping the vegetables smaller.

If you make this I would love to see your photos.
I have mainly made two variants of this dish but both were superb. One was with franks hot sauce. I mixed this with the oil and followed the rest of the recipe. It was lovely and tangy. More recently I had a half packet of Ol Del Paso Garlic and Paprika taco seasoning which I chucked into the lemon and oil mixture and this added loads of flavour.
I am off zip lining for the afternoon so expect a post on that on Wednesday. I did forget my camera though so I wont get to vlog it L I do plan on bringing the boyfriend  at some point in the future so he can pretend he is Batman so I will vlog that.
Have a great week!

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M-Eyebrows | Beauty

I know ya’ll think the title of today’s post is genius.

There is nothing better than ending your bank holiday weekend with a cup of hot chocolate whilst writing a blog post. It was a good weekend too. I went to see the new Big Bang Comics store. I am a big fan of those lads and was delighted to see them move to a bigger unit. They needed it. I also went to see Antman AND Jurrasic World. Seriously good movies. Highly recommended.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post on my eyebrows because I have gotten them done for the first time in a year and I feel like a new woman. I always go to Benefit’s Brow Bar in Arnotts in Dublin. I normally get a wax and tint. I go for the tint because there are days I might not wear make up, or when I am at the gym, and it is nice to have a bit of colour on my brows. One of the main reasons I consistently return to Benefit is because my natural brow shape is very similar to their signature brow arch so their process works well for me. Of course finding a brow artist is something that takes time and Benefit may not be the place to suit you so I recommend trying a few places and methods until you find one you are happy with,

I have also been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade now I have tamed my brows. I have been trying to find a brand that does a pomade I could buy in Ireland and I had no luck. i had heard the ABH pomade was good though, if not a bit pricey. Elysian Brows on South William Street popped up in my searches as stocking the pomade so I went over to them for a chat and to get myself kitted out. I got the pomade in chocolate which is a medium to dark shade and also picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills number 12 brush which is a dual ended eyebrow brush with an angled brush at one end and a spoolie at the other. Altogether I spent €55 on the two but I must say it is worth it. I have been using the product for almost two weeks and have barely made a dint in it and I use it every day. You need very little product as it gives a lot of coverage and also the brush is the perfect tool for application. An added bonus is that you can wash the brush and get a very long time out of it. Check out my before and after pictures below. You can check Elysian Brows out here.

I realise my brows may not have been entirely ‘on fleek’ today as I was in a rush, you can see them in better form on instagram, but you get an idea of the product anyway. I highly recommended. 

On Wednesday I will be working on judging the Health and Wellbeing category for Blog Awards Ireland so instead of a post from me I will be featuring my next “how I am spending my summer” piece from Jade Rebecca over at

Have a great week guys!
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Pay Day Haul

Hi Guys
I got paid during the week and in typical Lynn Jo fashion spent way too much money on things I don’t really think I needed.

I thought I would share my purchases with you. I only have intentions to post reviews of two of these so if you want to see anymore please do let me know!

As you can see I got some essentials, deodorant and dry shampoo but I also got a brush as the brush I was using was definitely more suited to my longer length hair than the shorter length I am rocking now.
I also got a 3 step system from Clinique to try as I wasn’t quite happy with my skin care anymore. I always use products for spot prone skin but the consultant said I should be using something more for oily skin which I am now trying. I will post a review on this in a number of weeks. I got a free gift of eye make up remover and mascara when I bought these.
I was starting to run out of concealer so I bought a Natural Collection green tinted concealer to try cancel out any redness in my skin and also a Revlon concealer in fair to conceal under my eyes and also to give a highlight effect.
I bought a Soap and Glory bronzer and highlighter in place of not being able to get a contour palette here. I am enjoying these as they give a very natural contour effect which is more suited to work. I also got a powder brush to apply my highlighter.
The final product I got was Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Browas I have been dying to try it out. I got a brush to us with it also. This is a product I have been lusting after for a long time and I will post on it during the week.
Have a great week guys!

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Jynx’s First Dukebox | Pet Posts

Hey guys!!

So for the past few weeks Jynx has been waiting excitedly for her first Dukebox from Ruby and Duke. 

We did a little unboxing video which you can see below:

The items we received in the box were:

Gor Hugs Bunch 

A round, pink pig that Jynx is currently clinging to.

Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Biscuits

Biscuits which promote a shiny coat. Jynx is wary of them but Bella, our other dog, is loving them!!

Misfits Wonky Chomp

A liver treat which Jynx likes to play with but seems to be starting to eat. She always plays with her treats first so nothing new there. As you can see from the video Bella DEVOURED hers. My hands smell of liver now!

Gor Flex Treat Ring

A tough, flexible chew toy. Put treats in and your four legged friend has to play with it to get them out. I am surprised Jynx didn’t have more interest in this. She used to have something similar she was obsessed with but it could be the treats in this instance. Let’s not forget that Jynx just got spayed and is still out of sorts too.


Who doesn’t need poop bags. Seriously. Selling point for these is being able to slip them on the lead.


Please note that while I do have a voucher for your own Dukebox below, my subscription is not a gift from the company and has been paid for by me. 

If you do sign up to received a  Dukebox please share all your photos with me. I would love to see them. Sign up for your Dukebox at 

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Say Yes to More | Technical Difficulties

Hi all,


For the past few weeks I have been arranging a series of guest posts from bloggers who are doing different things over the summer. The first of these posts was to go up this evening but unfortunately I am having slight technical difficulties with accessing that post so instead I am going to talk to you all about how I am attempting to say yes to more. 
One of the biggest Yes moments I have had in the past year was of course attempting to change my diet and exercise more. While I strayed from this a lot I always ended up back on the train and saying yes to more. One of these things was learning how to run in order to complete a 5k. I won’t actually be taking part in the 5k as my poor puppy is being spayed that weekend but I am still learning how to run.
I have also said yes to zip lining and ballet. Zip lining is an easy one to explain… My friend wants to do something different for her birthday. I am scared, expect an update. Ballet was harder to say yes to. I did ballet from the age of 3 for about 13 years. I was skinny then and en pointe. I was really good. Now I have put on weight and have slipped back into bad dance habits. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I had a great time and I think it will be something I take up permanently.
Finally I said yes to another new role in work. I have moved to a new team where I will be a point of contact. This will require me to build relationships with partners but also to be extremely knowledgeable of what we do. I really can’t wait to see where this takes me. Who would have thought I would find such a rewarding career without it being what I always thought was my ‘dream job’.
What are you guys saying yes to?
I will have the first Summer post up as soon as possible.

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PS. Did you know you can get 20% off a Dukebox subscription if you click here


Summer Is Coming! How I’m Going To Look After My Face In The Sun

*This post may contain affiliate links*
The weather is finally getting warmer, and I can start making plans for this summer’s garden parties. The great thing about the sun coming out is you have more daylight hours to get things done and you feel more energised to do them. The bad thing about the sun coming out is looking after my skin can be harder work than in the winter. I may have prevented all the lip chapping that usually happens in the winter, but I know the summer can cause just as much damage. 
Sunscreen is just one small part of protecting the skin from the effects of the heat and the sun. Drinking plenty of water is key to staying hydrated all year round. This year, I’m going to add some extra moisturiser to my bedtime routine to get my skin soft and supple, ready to bear the sun. My face is the area I’m most worried about. I don’t want red cheeks or nose from sun exposure!
Image courtesy of Flickr
Starting from the top, my forehead is prone to being a little dry, so regular exfoliating takes those dead cells off. If I sweat, my makeup can clog into my eyebrows. Using a little chapstick (and I mean little), just above them prevents any colour leaking into them. Sunglasses are a must to stop frown lines in this area from squinting at the light. A lighter moisturiser around the T-zone also helps keep my skin more evenly hydrated.
Sunscreen in your eyes is incredibly painful. Make sure you have a high SPF eye shadow to avoid needing to get sunscreen anywhere near them. Some mascaras include sun protection too. Waterproof is the way to go in the summer if you’re by the pool. The bridge of my nose rarely burns in the sun, but I’ve seen some girls with painful peeling there. You can use zinc sticks or try a higher SPF in your base makeup.
With the delights of summer fast approaching, I want my smile to look fabulous. I have a great recipe for homemade lip scrub to keep sore lips at bay. Light pink glosses are great for the summer months too. The glossier, the better for me! But keep in mind you will regularly be applying SPF chapstick to avoid your lips suffering in the sun. A sticky gloss will be a problem here.
White teeth in summer are key to a perfect sunny smile. Internet pages like can offer lots of tips on how to whiten your teeth. If you are looking at consuming lots of frozen lollies to keep you cool, pop to your dentist. Ask her to check your teeth are in tip top shape, and ready to tackle those cold treats.
The sun is great for making our skin look gorgeous, with lovely, natural tans. The trouble is you can never be too careful. Every burn can be very harmful to your health, and prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun can even cause cancer. Invest in a good hat, top up the sun cream, and keep cool to make the most of this summer.  

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My Favourite Setting Powder

*The product mentioned in this post was supplied by Escentual*

 A long time ago I started a wonderful partnership with a company called Escentual. A girl called Emma who worked for Escentual would often send me new products to try. As a make up loving girl this was my dream. I LOVE seeing Emma’s name pop up in my inbox knowing I am about to get a lovely treat.

One treat Emma sent me however has stuck with me for the longest time. Whilst I have adored all the products I have been sent, there have been none that I have used constantly or for more than a few weeks.

That was until I received the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. I was nervous about using this product at first and I think the main reason I gave it a try was my MAC setting powder was running low and I wanted to make it last so I thought I would use this new powder on alternate days. 

Now I use it daily and would not dream of using any other powder.

For those who don’t know Dermablend is a range of products aimed at those with skin imperfections, something I have made no secret of having. Whilst the powder is recommended for use with the Dermablend foundation Escentual and I agree that it can be used with any foundation and still received the desired effect.

What effect is that you might ask. Well first off it has a matte finish. Ideal when you have a nice shine to your skin as I do. 

The powder is translucent meaning it doesn’t change the colour of your foundation, so you can use it no matter what colour you are wearing.

It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, something I am always fearful of with new make up.

It lasts, like ages. Both in the tub AND on your face. I sometimes forget to take my make up off before the gym, afterwards when my eyeliner is down my face my base still looks flawless. That and the pot has lasted me months and I am only half way through, and yes I use it EVERYDAY.

If you are in the market for a new setting powder I would definitely give Escentual a look and try it out. Especially with the (hopefully) warmer weather coming in if you want a light, natural looking, shine free setting powder.

There I am wearing the product itself. I’ve had some horrible spots on my chin for months which you can’t even see with the coverage the product provides.

Chat soon!
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The Osprey Hotel & Spa

Do you ever have those days that just seem like they are never going to end? Today I had one of those days but thank God I am home now and wrapped up in my jammies with a full belly.
Today’s post is dedicated to my lovely two night break in The Osprey Hotel and Spa. Before I start I just want to point out that this post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way by the hotel, I just had a bloomin’ brilliant time.
Our booking was an awkward one. There were four guests, one was staying only one night, the remaining were staying for two. Our single guest wasn’t quite sure if she would make it for a while which added some slight difficulty to booking, no point booking just to cancel. I fired away anyhow with the booking for three as it was definite we were staying.
Throughout the whole booking process I dealt with Helen, the reservations manager, and she was a godsend. She made the whole process much easier. She sorted us out with a triple room with an AMAZING value package. For €190 we were to get two nights B&B, three course dinner in MASH restaurant one night and two spa treatments. When it came to booking the one night stay I was asked would I like a package and the same deal was sorted out for me for one night only at a cost of €130.

The other staff in the hotel also carried out this high quality customer service, always smiling and always willing to help. Two of these stood out particularly, Niall, the waiter who managed to put up with 4 giddy women and the girl in the spa who moved some things around so my mum could get the massage that had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Let us not forget the girl who made her first black Russian for my mum and went out of her way to ensure it was right.

The treatments were lovely, if you have never been on a spa break The Osprey is ideal for your first. I had never been to one before but I was so at ease. I got a facial and my skin has been glowing ever since, I had been worried I wouldn’t be able to relax but it took me no time to do so. We also had the Rasul Mud Treatment all together. This is a ‘self service’s treatment with no therapist and it is definitely an experience. I won’t ruin it for anyone but I would highly recommend trying it if you can. My aunty also said the Hot Stone Massage was the best she has had.

I will stop harping on about how great a time I had, but for a great value, high quality break I would definitely recommend it.

Chat soon.

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