Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Review

When I was in London I had one thing on my mind. I wanted to buy a Real Techniques brush. I’d heard everyone raving about them and they had actually been recommended to me. Bar my egg shaped blendy thingy, which I lost AGES ago, I had yet to find a brush that applied my foundation in a way I really liked. Flat foundation brushes just left stroke marks and the stippling brush I was using just wasn’t for me. 
I didn’t actually find the brush in London, they were all sold out, but I did get one in the Boots beside work. I have been converted and I definitely think I will be expanding my collection. First of all the brushes are such good quality. Just looking at them you can tell they will last. They don’t seem as breakable as some of the wooden handled brushes. They are also really comfortable to hold, I’ve noticed now I take a lot more time doing my base since I got the brush because I don’t mind holding it and putting decent effort into it now. The brush is so soft but sturdy at the same time, even on my first use no bristles came out and I can see it lasting even after repeated use.
As for using the brush it really is a godsend. I know stippling brushes were always said to make you look like you were airbrushed or something but this brush really does. It makes my make up look quite natural. I like that I can properly buff my foundation into my skin rather than just laying it on top of my skin. It just gives it a better finish.
Verdict: Very satisfied.
I will have another post for you all on Friday but I haven’t quite decided what I want it to be yet as yet but stay tuned.
I went out last night with my best friends for Hallowe’en and Ciara did all our faces up. How awesome do we look? I think I make a brilliant cat don’t you? I don’t condone irresponsible alcohol use but I am very hungover now and need junk food. Bring me some please.
Finally, if you haven’t already seen it, check out Tom from McFly’s latest YouTube upload. How cute is that?
Congrats you guys!
Any suggestions for new YouTube videos?

All My Love,

Lynn Jo xox 

Dressing For My Shape | Advice

So as you all know I have worked as a fashion advisor for the past 5 years. During this time I worked with ladies of all sizes and in the last 18 months of my time working in Clerys I worked with ladies from size 8 to size 26 so I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to dressing for different sizes and figures. 
I thought it was time I imparted some of my knowledge on you lot and tell you how I dress for my shape.
I really hope ya’ll can gain some wisdom from it and if you ever want me to do another post like this just tell me.
I am also willing to do some advising for people. For this you will have to email me your sizes and a full length photo to 😀
Okay so I suppose I better reveal my size to you.
I am 5’4″ and weight between 11 and 12 stone. I have 32DD boobs, but I haven’t gotten measured in about a year. I have wide hips and a bit of a butt and I carry most of my weight on my tummy and upper arms. I normally wear a size 12 in a top and a 12 or 14 in a bottoms. 
I have lost some weight and my figure is looking much slimmer and as a result I tried to wear tighter dresses but they just don’t suit me and my tummy so I am staying away from them now and sticking to what I know best.

Jeans & Trousers

When it comes to jeans I tend to wear high waisted jeans. I wear high waisted trousers too now I think of it. Because I carry my weight on my tummy I find that high waisted trousers and jeans hold in any bulge I might have and give my body a much more flattering silhouette. If I wear normal jeans that only come up to your hips they tend to sit just under my tummy and tend to highlight it. 
I also only wear skinny jeans as they suit me more than baggy jeans. I have quite big thighs so skinny jeans make my legs look slimmer rather than adding any extra fabric and bulk to them. With trousers I wear a tailored, slim trouser with a high waist that I can tuck a loose shirt into. I normally wear peg leg trousers or tailored ankle grazers.
I used to always wear bodycon skirts but I have stopped loving the idea of them lately. The only time I wear them nowadays is if I am wearing a long enough top and I want to add some extra length to it or I don’t feel confident enough wearing the top as a dress.
I tend to just wear skater skirts, high waisted skater skirts. My favourite skirt is a skater skirt I got in Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago if not more and by some miracle it still fits me. It has a panel on the waist with button detailing and it is just really flattering when it is on. I normally just stick to black as it is flattering but my skirts will always stop just before my knees and are teamed with black tights and low heeled ankle boots.
Like skirts I go for dresses with a bit of a kick. However I find that most dresses don’t fit me properly on top, which is why I tend to go for skirts and tops more often. However I have learned some tricks when it comes to buying dresses.
Stay away from dresses with zips. Unless they are a generous size 12 they zips just do not close. I wouldn’t normally go a size up on a dress unless I really had to because they don’t fit as well then or need alterations. 
When I buy dresses I buy them in a somewhat stretchy fabric. Now I know jersey isn’t the most flattering fabric so I normally wear some sort of support or slimming undies underneath to smooth out the silhouette.
I also try to wear dresses that have a little cap sleeve to hide my hideous bingo wings.
The last thing I normally go for in a dress is something that is cut in the middle. Whether it be a belt or a change in colour there has to be something in the middle to separate the top from the bottom or else it just will not suit me.
Tops & Blouses
I have started wearing alot of blouses or tops with collars as they can be tucked into whatever skirt I am wearing or worn long over a bodycon skirt and leggings. I have also started wearing alot of baggy flannel shirts as they hide my tummy and look nice and casual over jeans.
When I wear tight tops I try to get them with a bit of peplum at the end but if that fails I buy them in a V neck so that they draw attention to my cleavage rather than my tummy. It normally seems to work. I would sometimes wear a baggy waterfall style cardigan over them if I was having a particularly un-confident day.
I always make sure to wear boots with a bit of a heel as it gives the body a better silhouette and I hold myself better when I wear them as they give me that little bit of extra confidence.

I think I have covered most of the basics for the moment. If there is anything you want to ask please do and I will answer it as best I can.

I have just heard of this company that makes organic beauty products called Wapo. They are Irish and really reasonably priced as well as doing free delivery in Ireland. I can’t afford to buy any of their items to try out as all my money is going towards London at the moment. But I will hopefully be investing in their Bia Beauty Skin Superfood as a treat in a few weeks as it is looking like my ideal product, I will definitely review it and let you all know what I think whenever I do get the money together 😀 

[[Here is the link to their Skin Superfood, check out the rest of their site while you are there.]]
After listening to all those people who told me I should I have finally made a YouTube video. I already had one done previously but I hated it so I never uploaded it. Apologies if the video is crap I have been using my Dad’s laptop whilst waiting on a new charger for my MacBook. While my Dad’s laptop is faster for importing  videos I just prefer working with mine even though it is on it’s way out. I may look at splashing out to get my laptop completely fixed, though I have a feeling if I do I will have no money for London.
Let me know what you think. I will try to upload videos as often as possible. Though with the time it takes my MacBook to import and process them I don’t know how likely that is. I promise I will try though.
[[You can check that video out here.]]
There is now less than a week to enter my giveaway for an Adventure Time themed Christmas jumper so click this link and get your entry in!!
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Highlighter | Review

So as part of that Boots buy one make up item get one half price offer I keep raving about I picked up a highlighter to try out. 
The Brand: Seventeen. 
The Product: Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter (listed on their site as primer)
Price: €7.59 (bought for €3.80)
Now this product says it can be used three ways. Under foundation as a primer, add to foundation or on cheekbones to lighten. 
I used it two ways. Sorta. I used it on cheekbones (and on other areas to lighten). I also used it under my foundation but not as a primer just on the cheekbones. When using it over my foundation I used it both over and under powder. 
When using it under foundation it put a nice dewy glow on my skin. However later in the day I did notice that my skin was very shiny. I am not sure whether or not that was due to the product or due to the products I am using to treat my acne as they have completely changed my skin type. 
The same applied when I used it over foundation however this was lessened a lot by the powder on top of the highlighter. I do have to say though when I used it on top of both the foundation and powder there was a nice effect. After a lot of trial and error I discovered less is more with this product. I chose to use it in place of highlighting powder and once I made that decision I found no problems with it. However unfortunately due to the condition my skin is in at the moment I have not been in the best position to use it as a primer. I have noticed from the product though that it resembles Benefit’s That Gal primer. A product I swear by. I used to always use this product when I could afford it as a primer and to touch up my face as a long day wore on, to brighten myself up.

I find this product is fairly affordable so if you are looking for an alternative to something like That Gal then I would definitely go for it. If you, like me, have oily areas I would probably recommend going for something like a Catrice Highlighting Powder which suits a more oily skin as it is a iridescent powder. 

Also a few weeks ago I gave the Superliner Blackbuster by L’Oreal a fairly bum review as it had not lived up to my expectations. I kept using the product due to wanting to get my money’s worth and it started improving. For some strange reason the colour started getting darker and it actually turned out to be a pretty decent product. So I would say give it a go. 😀

See you all tomorrow when I will reveal details on how to win a Christmas themed Adventure Time sweatshirt. 

All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

The City (Day 2) | London Trip Post No. 1(b)

Okay folks, back to telling you about London. Today we are talking about my second day in the city, which was Saturday the 21st of September aka CONCERT DAY and my mammy’s birthday(Happy Birthday Mammy). I’m not really going to talk about the last day of my trip because that literally just involved going to the airport and hanging about there which isn’t too exciting to be fair. I’m also not going to talk about the concert itself as that is tomorrow’s blog post and it’s going to be a long one 😛
When we were checking in with the delectable Matthew (seriously, call me) the night before, we decided to book breakfast for Saturday morning, just to give it a bash and to save us having to find somewhere to eat. That and breakfast is served until either 11:00 or 11:30 in that particular Premier Inn so it meant we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn just to eat and could get up in our own time. Needless to say we woke up fairly early having been to bed so early. Like I mean Jean had time to shower and I had time to put a full face of make up on and still get to breakfast for like 9:00 or 9:30, I’m not too sure what time, all I know is we left the hotel just after 10:00 ish and were on our way for the day. I’m not going to lie, the breakfast wasn’t the best and definitely not worth the £8 or £9 it cost. We got our sausages and everything and sat at the table, but by the time we got coffee and juice the food was cold. Add to that the fact toast takes ages to make and the amazing hash browns we were promised were all gone and I was very disappointed. We saw them put out more hash browns but after the wait they just weren’t worth it. I literally just had 6 glasses of orange juice for breakfast and that was it. Looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t get a croissant or some cereal or something but to be honest I think I had just been put off food at that stage. When asked how our breakfast was, in typical Irish fashion, we said fine. Why we did that I will never know. The Premier Inn have their beds and pillows perfected, even having different firmness of pillows, but they still need to work on their breakfasts if I am being quite honest.
Harry Potter goodies in Harrods
Day two was to be a shopping/visiting places day as opposed to a touristy day, we did all that on the Friday. To start off we went to Harrods, now Harrods is my favourite store in the world. I LOVE it. I could spend forever there. My mum however had never been, it’s a bit away from our hotel and last time we were in London we didn’t venture too far from the hotel bar to go to Legoland, so I got to bring her there. She didn’t really like it to be honest,  I think everything was just too expensive and that got her a bit down. I loved it though. I was in heaven, could barely afford anything but I still managed to spend alot, to the point I got a Harrods reward card!! (I will show you everything I got in a haul post very shortly.)
I did get to meet One Direction again while we were there though 😛
Bumped into them completely by accident whilst I tried to find Paperchase, we are literally best friends now. I even left them a note on their wall, it did say McFly is better though! The guy selling the One Direction perfume was also beautiful and asked me all these questions about who my favourite member of One Direction was and that and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really like them THAT much mate.
I look like an arse in every photo from  London
Our next stop on our journey was to the Victoria and Albert museum which I have wanted to visit for years, ever since my Godparents got me a bracelet and earring set from there. It all stems from working in fashion, I have always wanted to see their fashion exhibit. They had a really cool exhibit on called ‘From Club to Catwalk’ which I wanted to go see but my energy was waning at this stage so I didn’t go. The exhibition is on until early next year though so I should still make it there to see it. I didn’t really get to enjoy the V&A so it is definitely on my list of things to do next time I am in London!
We came out of the Exhibition Road entrance of the V&A then so my mum and I took a quick trip into the Science Museum for a quick coffee and so I could show her where my little brother will be going on his science trip to London with his school. As it was a Saturday the museum was jammers so it wasn’t as fun as when I went with the lads two years ago. There was a hot guy working there too. Seriously the amount of talent in London is unreal. 
I knew the Royal Albert Hall was at the end of Exhibition road so I forced my mum to go check it out before the gig later on that night. Yes a part of me was hoping to meet McFly while I was there, no I didn’t meet them but I am fairly certain Tom and Dougie drove past me, I’d recognize that fluffy hair anywhere, I may be wrong and am convinced I was hallucinating but to be honest I am going to continue to live in that fantasy 😛
Me looking like an arse at the Royal Albert Hall. I am meant to look excited in this photo….
Mammy wanted to go to Hamleys on Regent Street then so we took a cab to Oxford Street to have a wander and try pick up some nice bits. I didn’t actually get anything I had wanted to get, I just wasn’t in a shopping mood. I went into La Senza to get some bras.. I’ve been lost without them since they pulled their stores out of Ireland, didn’t fancy anything there and as we were leaving I got the best suprise ever. HAZEL!! My friend Hazel who moved to London for college was there, she worked their. Well Jean and I stood there for ages chatting to her, and Hazel helped reassure my mum about something, but that is for a different post 😉
I am thinking Saturday was a bad day for trying to shop, especially when I was with my mum. I am so much better alone when I shop, even though it was busy, that wouldn’t bother me. Having to wait for other people kills me though (sorry mam).
We visited a few different stores, got what Jean was looking for then tried to get a cab back to the hotel, trying to get a cab from Regent Street at 5:30 in the evening on a Saturday is not easy, and it involves alot of me nearly getting run over by various vehicles. We got one in the end and he was the nicest driver ever which made a difference 😀 
We grabbed some Subway and Starbucks and then got ready for the concert…
And that my loves is where I have to stop. I will save that all for the concert post which is coming at you tomorrow!
I’m off to apply for some jobs. 
Love you all! 
Lynn Jo xox 
Raging I didn’t buy this -.-

L’oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster | REVIEW

I swear to GOD, the amount of times I saw the advert for the Superliner Blackbuster (I don’t like the name btw, it sounds like a bad translation) before YouTube videos had its name emblazoned in my mind! I’ve been taking advantage of the Boots ‘buy one get the second half price’ offer and using it to try some products I’ve never tried before rather than stocking up on items I already have, especially as all the items I am testing out are of the slightly more expensive variety!
The Superliner Blackbuster is an eyeliner marker pen, it’s meant to be intense and long lasting. I got it about two weeks ago and have worn it most of the days I’ve worn makeup since then! Now I don’t link eyeliner pens or markers, I always find the tip loses its point or that they run out very fast as well as clogging up with makeup. I’d much rather use a liquid liner or ever better a gel liner. I find I only ever get the intensity I want with gel liners. When I’m going for a black eye liner I want it black, intense black. When I wait a fainter black or brown I usually just use a kohl pencil, or use a thin liner line with some eyeshadow applied on top with an angled brush to create a softer line!
I expected the Superliner Blackbuster to give me the intensity of a gel liner or at least a liquid, as it seems to in the adverts I was subjected to watch again and again. If you want an intense black, do not go for this product. It seems to struggle to put any colour on your eyelid and it isn’t intense at all, it’s almost a watery black. The staying power of it wasn’t even great, it rubbed onto my upper lid and everything. The look of it on my eye wasn’t the best, it looked like a cheap product. Don’t get me wrong I quite liked that it was kind of a light brownish when it went on. But if I wanted that I’d have bought a brown kohl pencil, I wouldn’t have bought a product I expected to be striking black. 
To be honest for the price they are charging for the product, it isn’t worth it. Now maybe I got unlucky, maybe I got a dud one, but needless to say I won’t be paying the money to try another one.
In other news, I fly off to London tomorrow to go see McFly’s tenth anniversary show, and I am so excited. I know I promised you two more posts and they will be on their way later.
I’m currently sat in Starbucks before a job interview and I’ve posted this on my phone, so I may have to format it when I get home. I think I’ve realised I need an iPad or tablet with a keyboard of sorts for posting on the go, on buses and stuff. Definitely going to look into that! I’ve just had my first hot chocolate of the season and I’m dying for winter to swoop in!!
Chat to you all soon!
Lynn Jo xox 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | Review

So a few weeks ago I was running out of foundation so I decided to shop around for a replacement. I had been out in town with my cousin and was loving how natural her foundation looked. She told me it was the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I liked how it looked on her skin but wasn’t sure it would suit me as I have a completely different complexion to her and find myself needing more coverage. Whether or not my skin needs that much coverage is beyond me but I need alot to make myself happy.
I picked up the foundation anyway in the lightest shade the store had to offer which was shade #100 ivory. Now in most cases of foundation I am normally a porcelain shade, when I go with ivory it takes serious blending into my neck to make it all look right, as was the case with this particular foundation. I do use a fairly pale powder to set my foundation though which lightened it somewhat. I went onto the Rimmel website to see if the foundation was offered in a porcelain shade but they didn’t even have the ivory shade I had bought on there so I am not to sure where I stand on the shade front.
My skin has been suffering some serious spotty outbreaks lately and due to the products I am using to clear it up and keep it in check, my skin has got slightly oiler and my face somewhat shinier, but that is nothing some powder cannot fix. Apart from that though this foundation was brilliant. I had alot of big events coming up and needed it to last, which it did brilliantly, I never had to reapply it, just a light dusting of powder near the end of the night and I was set. For myself using it I would put on a light layer of foundation, then apply concealer and highlighter, then just add more foundation to any areas I felt I needed more coverage. This foundation definitely does what it says in terms of brightening your face, the finish of the foundation on the skin was very healthy looking, and still quite natural looking, even when you had two coats on as I did. 
I would recommend everyone give this foundation a go, especially those who are in school/college/have very early mornings. 
Lynn Jo xox

Time for a breather…| I waxed mine and my mum’s eyebrows!

Hi Guys!
Okay so after my super hectic week last week I am back and raring to go. Although I am going to be somewhat AWOL for the month of September as well because I will be away for a few days and stuff which is really breaking up the month. Cannot believe it is the 9th already. I have bought a few new beauty products though so I should be able to plump out the month with a few reviews of those amongst other things. I will have a post up in the next few days about my birthday and graduation but first I want to do a quick review which I have been putting off for the past few days!
The product I want to recommend to all of you is Veet Easywax Face Precision Wax and Care. Now from what I can tell from the Veet website this is a fairly new product but it is one I can see being very popular. I got it in Tesco and it was 33% off, I think I paid a little over €8 for it. Basically it is a double ended tube. One end has the wax and the other the after care cream. There are 20 reusable wax strips in the pack too. Now can I just say waxing terrifies me. I tried waxing my legs before and I was just having none of it although now I am getting used to getting my eyebrows done I might attempt it again. I have only had my eyebrows waxed twice in my life and the second time I did it myself using the Veet Easywax kit I am talking about here. The first time was in college when the Benefit Benebus visited UCD raising money for charity and eyebrow shaping was only €5, normally €16, and I dived in and got it done. The girls were brilliant and it was so painless and I would go back to Benefit in a heartbeat to get my eyebrows done again, only I am not in a position to spend that much on my eyebrows. Naturally when I saw the kit in Tesco and saw it did a few applications I thought I would give it a try as it suited my budget.

Okay so in the kit you get the double ended applicator, your 20 wax strips, and a thing that looks like an orange stick for doing your cuticles which I think was to section off bits of brow but I didn’t actually use it. I did both my mum and I’s eyebrows, but there was little shaping to be done as both our eyebrows have a natural shape, it was more just tidying up and getting some of mammy’s greys out! Basically you boil water, put it in a cup, leave the wax in for a minute, apply to eyebrow, and wax. If you are not sure how to wax there are detailed instructions in the package. 
Now I loved this product. Like it is so easy to use. It takes about 5 minutes to completely tidy up your brows and it is virtually painless. My mum and I have the most sensitive skin in the world and ours didn’t flare up at all, which was a joy because I have no time for that. The only qualm I have about the product is that it is a bit fiddly. Because I find you seem to need to keep the wax kind of hot so putting it back in the cup and that was awkward but I think that is more a system you need to establish yourself more than anything because the wax did stay hot enough to do my brows but I would have liked it at boiling point the whole time, I like my wax hot. I find it works more effective that way. I would also suggest that if you have never had your eyebrows waxed or shaped before get them done professionally first so that they have a nice shape and you experience the pain(not that there is much). I know when I tried to wax my legs the first time I hesitated terrified of the pain which was where the problems started. You are better going to someone professional who won’t hesitate, it’s not as bad as you think it would be. I would recommend going to benefit for your first shaping as the girls there are very nice and patient with wax virgins, while at the same time going for it and not letting you chicken out.
Until next time (:
Lynn xox
PS. Check my cousin’s blog out. She started it when she was in Switzerland and now just keeps it going and it is absolutely brilliant. She is a one of a kind sorta person and just makes you laugh.

Feeling Under The Weather.

Okay let me tell you a little something about me. During August EVERY year, without fail, I get sick. It will normally be some horrid, chesty, cough or a really bad head-cold. It happens every August just before I have to go back to school, without fail. I would have been healthier than ever all summer but once mid August hits, I’m down and out for the count. Luckily for me I won’t be going back to school this year, so I won’t get sick, right? WRONG!! Out of nowhere I have found myself struck down with the worst cough ever. And to make it even worse, it’s not just an annoying cough that makes me sound like a dying power drill, no it’s a sore one, so every time I cough I kinda roll up into a ball with the pain. I really can’t catch a break. You might be wondering why I don’t just go to the doctors, get some medication and be done with it. This I can explain also. I have been getting these coughs for years and have gone to the doctor and gotten medicine, but at one point it was getting so bad I went to my university doctor and they diagnosed me with asthma and gave me inhalers, I still had the cough though. I have found the times when I fork out the money for the doctor visit and the medicine that it takes just as long to get better as if I had suffered through, so I am very tempted not to bother. That and I don’t have €60 for the doctor and however much the medicine costs. Instead I have chose to just plough through and deal with it. But that’s not to say I’m not feeling sorry for myself. 
So in honour of my impeding death by cough I decided to share my top things I like to do when I am feeling poorly and a bit under the weather. (NOTE: Flat 7up and dry toast is not on here because I never got that cure and obviously I am not Irish enough for that or something).
Yeah, I know everyone knows this one. But it is my personal favourite thing for when I am sick, especially when it’s a cough. I get to devour loads of white bread AND I love when you can feel the warmth soup sliding down your achey throat, caressing it with it’s soothing hands, yup, that is the life. Vegetable soup is my go to soup when I am sick, a nice giant bowl of it with at least 4 slices of white bread (and I wonder why I put on weight). However I will take what I can get. Tomato is my other fave. I think one of the things I miss most about my nana since she passed away is her way of cooking. She had a particular way of making tomato soup (and coddle) and it just made it all taste better and cannot be replicated.
A Hot Shower
Now being sick calls for a special kind of shower. This is not one where you clean yourself, don’t be fooled. This is a shower where you crank it up so it is a little hotter than you can bear and you just stand there. Until you are wrinkly like a prune. It makes it better, trust me. 
When I am sick I don’t take normal painkillers, in tablet form. No I take the kid friendly liquid version, I don’t want to put my throat to anymore stress do I? I also load up on Strepsils and Soothers, because my throat needs that TLC… A bottle of glycerine honey and lemon also works wonders, it is literally magic juice.
Being sick, for me, is crucial TV catch up time, if I wasn’t sick so often I’d be so behind on my shows. I’ve noticed when I am sick I have usually watched all my shows so I normally resort to 90210. It’s my go to sick show, and EVERY time I go to watch it it takes an hour to figure out what episode I’m on. Believe me I don’t even know what season I am on anymore. I also like to wear as many clothes as possible to bed. We are talking tracksuit bottoms, fluffy socks and jumpers. You can never have too many clothes on when you’re sick.
Junk Food
Now my favourite thing for when I was sick was to eat my nana’s coddle. But naturally my mum doesn’t have the same knack at making it so instead I choose to just eat crap. Crisps, jellies, ice cream and chocolate are all sleeping in the bed beside me while we watch 90210 together.
Lighting a Candle
I’m Irish, remember?
I’m giving myself a crash course in all of the above in the hopes I can go out tonight and not die. I am going out no matter how sick I am. But I am really hoping not to die.


Lush VIP Customer Night

So I just got home from a brilliant night out and I wanted to tell you all about it!
Now my mum and I have always been Lush addicts, ever since they donated some stuff for the UCD Fashion and Design Society goodie bags. Having always worked less than 5 minutes from a Lush store I was always running in and picking bits up for baths and stuff. As I would always be stuck for time I never really got to hang about and chat to the staff.
On Facebook about two weeks ago I saw an advertisement for a VIP night in the Lush store on Henry Street in Dublin City Centre. This is the store I always visit, and it was a free event offering free goodie bags so of course I was dying to pop along and check it out and maybe open myself up to some new products. 
My mum and I started off the night by treating ourselves to some Eddie Rockets before we ventured over to the store. 
We were a little bit early but at just after 7:30 we were allowed into the store. The trainee manager, Lisa, offered us all a drink and then introduced us to the staff members who would be taking care of us throughout the night. She gave us a quick run down of what would be happening, and details of a competition that would be open to us as attendees of the event. My mum and I kind of started to wander around when we were stopped by the bubbliest and most friendly staff member I have ever met. I go on about how deadly a sales assistant I am but Sinéad even put me to shame. She is the kinda person I can see myself being best friends with! She started off by devoting all her attention to my mum and bringing us over to the little station she was manning for the night. Here she gave my mum a good wash. Yeah you heard me right, a wash. She got her to delve her arms into a basin of water and washed them. She started off by using Rub, Rub, Rub on my mum. Now Jasmine seemed to be the scent of the night and Rub, Rub, Rub was the first of the Jasmine scented products we got to play with. It’s a shower scrub and you use it in the shower and it leaves your skin silky soft. When you wet your hands and rub the scrub onto your skin with them it produces quite a nice soapy mixture which is perfect for rubbing onto the skin. Obviously I got the same treatments done as my mum and what I loved about Rub, Rub, Rub was that it wasn’t too harsh. I absolutely hate the way a lot of body scrubs can literally feel like they are tearing chunks of your skin off, so the fact this exfoliated the skin quite gently, whilst doing the work of it’s harsher counterparts really appealed to me. Sinéad then patted our arms dry lightly, keeping a bit of moisture to them, before introducing us to Ro’s Argan. Ro’s Argan is a body conditioner. Now I have seen adverts on TV for body conditioners and I absolutely love the idea of them. You put them on after washing and basically when you get out of the shower you don’t have to moisturise because the conditioner has already done the work for you. I love this because I am quite lazy and when I shower it is either before bed when all I want to do is sleep, or when I am about to run out the door to go somewhere. I never seem to have the time or the patience to sit down and wait for moisturiser to dry in and as a result I only ever moisturise my face and hands. Ro’s Argan is rose scented and is not as soapy as Rub, Rub, Rub when applying it to your skin but you can feel how silky it is going on straight away. After drying off from our arm washing experience we were then treated to hand and arm massages using the Lush massage bars. Now my mum and I chose different bars here. My mum chose Wiccy Magic Muscles as it had a quite pepperminty/cinnamony scent which appealed to her, personally it made me feel a bit ill, but that may have been all the nachos I’d had a half hour before. I chose a bar called Therapy. Now the reason I chose this bar was simple. Sinéad took us through all the different massage bars giving us rundown of their properties and when it came to Therapy she told us it worked brilliant with scars and stretchmarks fading them and stuff. She explained how she had been in an accident a few years previously and had very scarred legs and that she had noticed a difference in the scarring since using the Therapy bar. Because I have a huge scar up my arm I decided that this was the bar for me as I wanted to see the effect it would have on the scar. I have never gotten a massage before but I have to say it was lovely, Sinéad even showed us a few techniques she learned which I can’t wait to try out on someone else some day. She then finished off the hand and arm massage with some perfume, I got Imogen Rose which had lovely floral tones to it and I’m not sure which one my mum got, I think it might have been Breath of God, it was blue and kind of spicy like the massage bar. We also got a sprinkling of body dust. I got Silky Underwear which again was Jasmine scented and was a nice finish to the massage. While I am talking about the hand and arm massage I want to share a great recommendation I got for a tan from Sinéad which is for the Black Stockings body tint, it gives a really natural sun kissed colour to the skin and when you put the dusting powder over it it leaves the skin with a lovely healthy glow!
Rub Rub Rub – Body Scrub

Ro’s Argan- Body Conditioner
Sinéad then brought me over to the delectable Darragh (I hope I spelt that right, there are too many different ways to spell that name!) Now Darragh’s goal was to give me a quick skin consultation, something my mum didn’t really need but as I have been having some trouble with my skin lately I thought I would give it a go. Now I hate skin consultations because I always feel I describe my skin wrong but Darragh was lovely, not just recommending products for my skin type but all skin types, whilst pointing out the ones that would suit me best. We didn’t really get to test these products out as obviously that would have involved me having to wash my face, but we did get to sniff them and rub them into the backs of our hands and that. My skin at the moment is quite oily, I am not sure whether that is down to the products I am using to treat my acne or not, but no matter how oily it is it just looks dry when makeup gets in contact with my skin. I also have had trouble with breakouts on my chin, all which I explained to Darragh. He recommended  Herbalism, which is a face scrub to me. Now this scrub is for troubled skin specifically so it would tackle my breakouts. The one thing that didn’t appeal to me was the smell but as my mum said the worst smelling ones normally work best. There are nettles and rosemary in the Herbalism scrub which would exfoliate it and draw out the impurities which would suit me best. In terms of moisturiser he recommended Vanishing Cream to me. Now I put some of this cream on the back of my hand and I loved the way it rubbed in and absorbed super fast, my hand feels really soft now too. The Vanishing Cream has alot of the same ingredients as Herbalism so they compliment each other really well. He also told us a little bit about the different facemasks they offered and the different things they could offer my skin. Brazened Honey would definitely be the one I would go for. 
Herbalism- Fresh Facial Cleanser

Vanishing Cream – Facial Moisturiser
That was about where our journey ended, my mum went on a bit of a splurge getting about a million bath bombs, the Rub, Rub, Rub, and Ro’s Argan and a gift for a friend. I got a lip scrub because my poor lips are in a dire state, and mammy treated me to the Therapy bar. Our goodie bags had two little treats in them, Rock Star soap and a charity pot I was so glad of this as my charity pot had recently run out. I would have loved to buy the skincare items Darragh recommended (amongst everything else in the store) but money is tight at the mo and I’m using a medicated skin treatment at the moment, but they will definitely be future investments. I cannot commend the staff enough on how pleasant and helpful they were and for putting on such an informative night. I will definitely be going back to the store and chatting to them more about different products.

While I was in town I also bought a new foundation and concealer which I will be trying out over the weekend so look out for a post on that. 

I want to finish off by asking a huge favour of all of you. My friend Des Foley is in a competition to win help with starting a career in his dream job. Now I have known Des since I was about 16 and he is such a hard working bloke and definitely does not take the easy route in anything and I really would love to see him win this. If all of you voted for him and got one friend to do the same it would mean so much to him and of course me. To vote for him go to click on the little picture of Des and then under his video click Vote Des, it will only take two seconds and it means he gets help starting his dream job as a videographer and get to stay close to his first love of motor sports. 
Talk to you all soon and thanks for reading my first REALLY long post 😀 x

Where have I been?

Hey Guys,
I just want to offer you all my deepest apologies. I am aware I swore to post more often and that I have not done that. It has definitely been a trying few weeks. 
About two weeks ago I found out I was being made redundant from work. 
Basically my company is pulling our branch out from the department store we are based in. Back in the boom time an agreement was made with our host store whereby we would be given a target and if we did not meet this target we would have to pay a percentage of the difference as penalty. This is on top of our usual sales commissions and rent payments. Naturally as the boom ended and things got harder, we found it harder and harder to meet these targets, all the while these targets where increasing. Even though we were one of the best brands on the ladieswear floor we still had to leave as we could not make these penalty payments, leaving 5 staff members unemployed. 
Unfortunately I don’t get a redundancy package and because I only earn a weekly wage I have left myself needing to find  new job immediately, obviously as I am now finished college I need to find a job ASAP. Which is what I am occupying myself with at the moment as well as working full time to cover my manager’s holidays so please excuse me for the lack of postings, I really will try to keep ya’ll updated.
Dublin Girl xo