How to Have an Incredible Wedding from Start to Finish

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Nobody dreams of having a mediocre wedding, do they? Everybody wants a dreamlike wedding, a real fairytale! Even if you don’t want a huge frilly princess dress with a ceremony in a castle, you want to be sure you can have an incredible wedding from start to finish. These tips will help you to do just that:

Make Your Own Playlist

Rather than hiring a cheesy DJ or putting someone else in charge of the wedding music, make your own playlist. This playlist will create the atmosphere for the day. You and all of your guests will likely remember some of the songs forever, so make them good! Take a good few hours and even days before the big day to make the perfect playlist. Include songs that mean a lot to you, and songs that you feel will get people up and dancing. You want people to go through a range of emotions, so make sure you take the order of the songs into account too. You might want to opt for slower songs to start with, then more dance-y songs. Afterwards you can slow down again.

Invite the People that Matter

You should never feel obligated to invite people to your wedding that don’t matter to you. You should be surrounded by the people that you love and who love you. Think of the people you’d invite to other special occasions too and go from there. Anybody else might kill the mood! It’s nothing against them, this day should just be spent with your nearest and dearest. Take the time beforehand to create the perfect list of people to spend the day with you. Make sure you have your wedding somewhere they can all make it too. Use a wedding guide to help you decide on the perfect location.


Have a Little Fun

You’ve got to have fun on your wedding day, and there are so many ways you can do it. Dot props around the venue for people to take pictures with, and hire entertainment that will get people laughing. Photobooths are very popular at weddings these days. You can even set up games. Use your imagination.

Plan the Seating Well

Plan the seating well so you put people together who you think will get along well. Everyone will have new friends for life in no time at all!

Create a Signature Cocktail (and have an open bar)

Creating a yummy signature cocktail will get people talking, and an open bar speaks for itself.

Don’t Drag on the Speeches

Listening to a well written, funny speech can be great. There’s nothing quite like a speech that makes people laugh and cry. Just don’t drag them on! Keeping them short and sweet, leaving people wanting more is the way to go.

Get Guests to Request Songs

Get guests to request songs at the start of the wedding so you know there’s something included for everybody at the party. You’ll have an eclectic mix of tunes and everybody will get in the party mood!

Have a wonderful day!

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Busy, busy

I have been working in my new job for two months now and I still haven’t gotten used to the routine of it all. The getting up early and everything is no problem it’s just the evenings. I am not using them the way I should. Really need to start making a better effort to use them for something because I really am finding myself falling behind on the blog and my YouTube but I have decided that from tomorrow that is all stopping and I am getting back into being a productive peach.

I have been really busy though this week. My lack of being online and posting wasn’t due to me sitting at home, on my arse, doing nothing. I was actually out and about at events socialising and shtuff. 
Thursday evening was the first of my nights out. I headed out to the party they were having to celebrate their success, which is much deserved. I spent the night hanging out with fellow blogger and YouTuber Hannah, the lads from Shifts and a few other friends. I must say the girls know how to throw a party, they provided food and drinks and gave away some killer prizes and goodie bags. The perks of the night though had to be the photobooth and mini cupcakes, I NEED the recipe for that icing. Thanks so much to for inviting me and showing us all such a fab night. I can’t see where they take the site in the future. For those of you that don’t know, and how could you not, is ‘The website for Irish women” and is a great place to get your celeb goss and beauty fix. They always keep their twitter and app updated so you are never out of touch. Don’t worry though guys, they also have for the men.

Then on Saturday my delectably accented friend Danny and I went to see the Raglans perform. The lovely folks over at MCD hooked me up with some guestlist spots and CD’s and I must say it was fab to see the lads take center stage at their album launch show. I love how modest they all were right down to them admitting that it was the first time they had ever left the stage during a set then come back to belt out the last few tunes. It was also lovely to see all their parents there at the front of stage giving it socks. I always find that Raglans gigs have a real homely, friendly feel to them and last night was no different. I haven’t seen the lads play in a while and the difference in their stage presence and how they present themselves has improved tenfold since I last saw them live. Good job boys. 

I wrapped up my weekend by going to see my favourite arrangement of organs, aka my best friend Ciara who was home from Belfast for a night. The only downside to the weekend was that I missed the Kate’s Party album launch because it was at the same time as Raglans but I will definitely be catching their next show.

That’s about all I got up to. Going to be staying in for the next few weeks if I’m being honest. London is only a few weeks away and I want to keep all my money and energy for it. I can’t wait.
I have a couple of reviews coming up on the blog over the next week or two. Don’t forget you can enter to win a copy of Raglans album here. The competition ends a week from today.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend for you. Have a lovely Mummy’s day folks. 
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Next of Kin | Raglans | Heroes in Hiding

Hey Guys!
I will admit I have been super crappy at posting and keeping up with all my projects lately. I’ve been so ill and when I overcome one thing another two things pop up. For example as soon as I started getting over my chest infection I ended up in bed in agony having drank too much water and putting my shoulder out. I suck so much I know. Hopefully the next few days will see me firmly back on my feet and able to make up for my lack of productivity over the weekend. 
I was originally going to post two posts today but due to not being able to do much with my shoulder and only writing this one at 6pm I have pushed the second post until tomorrow. It is a rather motivating post though so I think it will be good for a Monday. I will try have it up as early as possible tomorrow morning for those of you who need a wee kickstart to your day.
Today’s post is going to be a musical one because I haven’t posted about music in a while and the Irish music scene is blowing up with loads of the lads I know getting shit done. 


A friend of mine was playing a gig with his band last night. The gig was for some college project thing and someone had asked them to play. It was a fairly small gig with a few heavy local bands. Now I don’t really like heavy or hardcore music, my favourite band is McFly like, but I do love going to gigs and listening to live music and of course supporting all our homegrown talent so I tottered along anyway. I had already been warned that I was going to hate the bands playing so tbh I wasn’t expecting a lot from the gig. No offence to the Next of Kin lads but I knowing it was only their second or so gig, I had very low hopes for it. 
BOY was I WRONG! Those lads killed it. You would have no idea that the band was only in it’s infant stages. To kick off they opened with the ever brilliant Sabotage and from the minute those first few bars of music reverberated through the club I was hooked and it was evident everyone else was from the bopping along. The lads owned that stage from the word go and their energy didn’t let up until the last bars of their original song [Mercy] faded out. The lads belted out 6 songs with all their power and only two were covers. Normally when I go to see bands and they are only new I rarely like their originals, many bands seem to struggle to master writing their own stuff but these guys didn’t falter at all. Their own songs were definitely as good as if not better than the Cancer Bats songs they covered. The four boys are about to go into the studio to record their debut ep and take it from me. The minute they walk out the door with that CD in their hands they will not stop. Enjoy your rest while you can boys because you’re on the way to the top. The lads openly admit to loving Irish hardcore band Wounds and talk about how much they would love to open for them, well I think Wounds should definitely watch their back because these lads could definitely steal the hardcore crown from them! The venue was small but I never saw that floor as packed as when the boys took to the stage.
Did I mention their average age is 19, I know, that’s what I said.


A long time ago an ex boyfriend introduced me to a band his friend was in. That band was Raglans. Since then there has been numerous gigs, a line up change, a Late Late Show performance and now we see them having released their debut album, Raglans, which is sitting pretty at number 3. Next week is their album launch in The Academy. I always thought these lads would go places and they are definitely proving me right. You can get the album here, Digging Holes and Down have and always been my favourite tracks by the lads but the other 9 tracks are definite belters. The lads certainly know how to make some feel good music. I really think you should all have a chance to hear this amazing band and to do so I am giving away a copy of the album. Just check out the widget at the end of this post and if I haven’t convinced you to check them out yet then check out Digging Holes.


A good friend of mine has been the drummer in Heroes in Hiding as long as I’ve known him which is a fairly long time at this stage. It’s been a while, three years to be exact, but the boys have released a brand new tune called Hush and it’s gotten me very excited. Along with Raglans they are definitely your soundtrack for all your summer road trips. You can get their EP for free here. I present to you, Hush.
See you all tomorrow and don’t forget to check the giveaway widget out below! 
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Look how cute the new McFly video is!
Congrats to the lads. They look like they had a ball doing it.
And after live streaming their last video this was a nice surprise!
My own video will be up either today or tomorrow. I haven’t been well so have not been on the laptop!!
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

McFly & Only Rivals New Singles | New Music

If you read my blog and don’t realise I love McFly then something is seriously wrong with you. No Offence. I’m not the obsessed fan I was when I was 14 but I did travel to London to see them and I do go on about them a bit. But they are really good at what they do and I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve.
Their new album, which remains unnamed unless they are calling it album 6, is out at the end of November.
They have a single out before then called ‘Love is on the Radio’. This is the EP Version of the single and contains two versions of the title track and a recording of the ‘McFly Musical’ which Tom performed at their tenth anniversary shows. This EP is out on 24th November according to iTunes (it had been said it was out November 2nd by the lads so not sure about that) and costs $2.99, it’s not showing me a euro price.
Today I saw a Facebook update announcing a single that is being released in line with the EP. Again it features ‘Love is on the Radio’ but this one is called the ‘Silent Aggression Mix’. It features the song sung by Dougie and will cost you $1.29.
‘Love is on the Radio’ has quite a country feel, there is a good bit of mouth organ in there. But it still sounds like McFly. They appear to have gone back to their roots and this song is a lot more reminiscent in it’s sound, and lyrics, of their first few albums. Catchy and upbeat it has been getting a lot of radio play and could definitely be the lads next big hit.

The ‘Silent Aggression Mix’ featuring Dougie Poynter’s dulcet tones is a slightly more pop punk sounding, upbeat single. I have always loved McFly, they’ve been my favourite band for ten years but every other band I like is more at the pop punk  and rock end of the scale. Heck my favourite club night in Dublin is Lockdown which is Dublin’s pop punk night. So as you may guess this version of the track is much more to my tastes. It’s also slightly faster and more upbeat than the original, something I love. However I’m glad this was not the official single version because it wouldn’t quite sound like McFly then.

Here is their lyric video for the new single and the links to pre both the EP and single:
Only Rivals, an Irish band previously known as Homestar Runner, have released their new single and it is on sale TODAY.
Borders is the first single from the band since they reformed and is exactly the type of song we have come to expect and love from the boys. They have been firm favourites on the Irish gig scene and I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see where they go now. The only way is up for these lads. They are definitely my favourite home grown band at the moment and are some of the sexiest feckers Irish mammies have produced. Get a load of the drummer, PHWOAR.
The single is only 99cent to buy so why not support some Irish music instead of whatever you’d spend that 99cent on. Bar of chocolate maybe? In this instance they are so much better for you than that Wispa.
Check out their video and I’ve provided you all with a link to download the tune:
My next post will be online on Wednesday and I will be telling you how I got on with my first Real Techniques brush.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

Wheatus | Kate’s Party

Hey Guys,
So last night I was laying in bed watching YouTube videos when my friend tweeted that he had a spare ticket to go see Wheatus. Well I jumped on that ticket like I have never jumped before. I love gigs, I just love the atmosphere and music so I do gladly go to see bands that I have never seen or heard of before. I actually do like Wheatus though so I was all in when it came to this gig.

When the lovely Derek and I got there the support act was already playing. I had no idea who they were but they were SO good. I then found out that it was Kate’s Party, a band I had heard alot about and whom I’d never seen. Needless to say I will be going to see them again. I love Irish bands and ALWAYS go to gigs to support them, they are literally always the best craic. If you have never gone to a gig full of homegrown bands I suggest you do. You can check out Kate’s Party HERE.

Then Wheatus came on and at first I was a bit apprehensive about how the set would go. The band don’t play by a set list which irked little OCD Lynn, however for the big fans in the audience this was glorious. They were all instantly yelling out their favourite songs. One thing that can definitely be said about Wheatus is they are catchy as fuck. You literally cannot stand still at their gigs. They played all the goodies and of course closed with Teenage Dirtbag. But I have to say the highlight of the night for me was the covers they played. They covered Basket Case by Green Day, I have always been a huge Green Day fan so this was heaven to me. Then, THEN, they fucking broke into a rendition of That’s What Makes You Beautiful. ONE DIRECTION MAN. Well Derek and I lost our shit. Wheatus fucking covered One Direction. More bands need to do covers at gigs. You can never fail. Well unless yer the guy standing behind us who started losing his shit because he thought they were covering McFly. No son, no. I wish they were but no.
For an impromptu night out I must say I had the best time ever!
I’m now going to see the One Direction movie 😀
Talk Soon 😀 xox

Ten Years

Ten years ago today one of the most important things in my life happened.
McFly formed. That band has been a crucial part of my life. I grew up with them. I am turning 21 now.
They have been in my life for half of it. They were the soundtrack to my summers, heartbreaks, love affairs and all the other things that happened in my life both good and bad.