GIVEAWAY WINNER | I’m a published author now!

I first off want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway but alas there can only be one winner and that was:
Sam entered by liking the Facebook group and as far as I am aware is getting the Lumpy Space Princess jumper.
I used the Rafflelcopter widget to choose the winner and this was what I got thrown at me.
Congratulations Sam!! 🙂
(I’m hoping to have another giveaway soon so keep an eye out).

Second bit of news… I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. I have started contributing on a site called Pulp Interest and my first article is currently on their front page, see:

(it’s the one about spin-off TV shows)
Finally I just want to apologize if my posting is a bit erratic over the next few days. I started my new job today and I am EXHAUSTED. It’ll be a bit hard whilst I settle in but I should get into a routine and get back to normal. I’ll give ya’ll the lowdown next week.

If anyone has any posts they would like to see from me please let me know.

There will also be a new YouTube video on Friday.
Chat soon 😀
Lynn Jo xox