Brilliant Home Remedies For Fleas

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Dogs are wonderful pets to have, but many of them share a common, irritating problem. If you’re still wondering, I’m talking about fleas! These little parasites cause all kinds of discomfort for your four-legged friend, and can mean a lot of inconvenience for you. I’m sure you’ve had enough of your flea problem, so read on. Here are some great remedies for getting rid of fleas.

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Perhaps you’ve got a flea issue which is real and present right now. However, you can avoid this in the future by taking preventative measures. While medications such as Capstar are highly effective, most of us like to avoid giving our pets pills if we can help it! One of the best ways to prevent your dog from getting fleas is by using a flea collar. You can pick one of these up at a pet store pretty cheaply, or even make your own. Simply make a mixture of 2-3 tablespoons of water, mixed with a few drops of oil. Then, soak a bandana in the liquid and tie it around your dog’s neck. This will give off a scent which is unnoticeable to us, but repugnant to fleas.
So, what do you do once the fleas actually get in your dog’s coat? One good remedy to try would be a lea comb. You can buy these with packs of a special lotion at most pet stores. Zero In do some pretty good ones, for example. However, if you wanted to save a bit of money, you can make your own flea-killing solution. Simply add some sliced lemons to a pot of boiling water, remove the lemons and then let the whole mixture steep for a day. Once the liquid has cooled, dip a fine comb in and run it methodically through your dog’s hair. There’ll be just enough acidity left from the lemon to kill any fleas it comes into contact with. If you’re lacking a comb, a sponge works well for short-haired breeds.
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You can also use flea spray to get rid of your pet’s fleas. There are all kinds of brands which sell this, but I’m going to offer one more home remedy. Get a quart of water, a cup of white wine or cider vinegar, and a few drops of cedar or lavender oil. Mix all your ingredients together, and pour it into a spray bottle. Carefully mist your dog with the spray, avoiding their eyes and nose. The acidity in the mixture can be very irritable if it gets in the wrong places! The spray bottle will be fine for the dog’s rear and back. However, when it comes to their head and neck, spray the mixture into a soft cloth, and wipe it against the dog’s fur methodically. This will not only kill the present fleas, but repel any other ones that were thinking of making a home out of your dog.
There you have it. I hope these hints help you keep your dog free of fleas, and save some money in the process!

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Dukebox Number 2 | Pet Posts

Hi everyone,
Happy Hump Day.

Jynx received her second Dukebox yesterday so I thought I would give you a quick run down of what she got and how it went down.

Gor Reef Octopus

I have seen toys like this online and really wanted one for Jynx, I have to say she has taken to him something terrible. She refuses to let him out of her sight and he has gone straight to the number one toy list. One difference I have noticed is that she plays with this happy fellow a lot more than her other toys, which she tends to just carry about and look after.


These little treats went down a storm with the little miss. With some treats she can be a bit picky and just leave them for hours before deciding to eat them, whereas others she will play with for a while and throw around before eating. These however were eaten with no hesitation and she was eager to perform to get them. Her food does have chicken in it so that could be why she as more drawn to these rather than other treats.

Happy Pet Rope Ball

This one I decided to give to my brother’s dog Bella as she is a young pup and more active than Jynx, so we thought she would enjoy this more. She enjoyed it perhaps too much. Less than 12 hours later it was broken in half. There is not much that survives that dog though so the fact it lasted so long is a credit to the company. I guess you could say she liked it.

Hungry Hector South Woof Coast Path

These are a fishy treat made of sardine and seaweed. Jynx instantly turned her nose up and them and wouldn’t even take a sniff. Bella however ate hers in one. She tends to do that a lot.
Billy + Margot Fish Skin Cubes

Again another fishy treat which neither dog seemed to like. Jynx did give this one a good smell and ultimately decided not to try it. We aren’t really too sure what Bella did with hers. She sniffed it for a while and then my mum just left it on the floor of my brother’s bedroom for her. It could still be there for all I know.
All in all the doggies were fairly happy with this box. New toys and some treats. I am very disappointed that the dogs are so iffy when it comes to fish based treats as I know they contain a lot of good nutrients. We will keep trying though and see if we can make them give them a go.
Don’t forget you can get 20% off your own Dukebox subscription using the code LYNNJO20.
Enjoy the rest of your weeks guys, my next post will be up on Sunday. I am going to be chatting all about PERIODS (eep)

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Jynx’s First Dukebox | Pet Posts

Hey guys!!

So for the past few weeks Jynx has been waiting excitedly for her first Dukebox from Ruby and Duke. 

We did a little unboxing video which you can see below:

The items we received in the box were:

Gor Hugs Bunch 

A round, pink pig that Jynx is currently clinging to.

Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Biscuits

Biscuits which promote a shiny coat. Jynx is wary of them but Bella, our other dog, is loving them!!

Misfits Wonky Chomp

A liver treat which Jynx likes to play with but seems to be starting to eat. She always plays with her treats first so nothing new there. As you can see from the video Bella DEVOURED hers. My hands smell of liver now!

Gor Flex Treat Ring

A tough, flexible chew toy. Put treats in and your four legged friend has to play with it to get them out. I am surprised Jynx didn’t have more interest in this. She used to have something similar she was obsessed with but it could be the treats in this instance. Let’s not forget that Jynx just got spayed and is still out of sorts too.


Who doesn’t need poop bags. Seriously. Selling point for these is being able to slip them on the lead.


Please note that while I do have a voucher for your own Dukebox below, my subscription is not a gift from the company and has been paid for by me. 

If you do sign up to received a  Dukebox please share all your photos with me. I would love to see them. Sign up for your Dukebox at 

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