How to Have an Incredible Wedding from Start to Finish

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Nobody dreams of having a mediocre wedding, do they? Everybody wants a dreamlike wedding, a real fairytale! Even if you don’t want a huge frilly princess dress with a ceremony in a castle, you want to be sure you can have an incredible wedding from start to finish. These tips will help you to do just that:

Make Your Own Playlist

Rather than hiring a cheesy DJ or putting someone else in charge of the wedding music, make your own playlist. This playlist will create the atmosphere for the day. You and all of your guests will likely remember some of the songs forever, so make them good! Take a good few hours and even days before the big day to make the perfect playlist. Include songs that mean a lot to you, and songs that you feel will get people up and dancing. You want people to go through a range of emotions, so make sure you take the order of the songs into account too. You might want to opt for slower songs to start with, then more dance-y songs. Afterwards you can slow down again.

Invite the People that Matter

You should never feel obligated to invite people to your wedding that don’t matter to you. You should be surrounded by the people that you love and who love you. Think of the people you’d invite to other special occasions too and go from there. Anybody else might kill the mood! It’s nothing against them, this day should just be spent with your nearest and dearest. Take the time beforehand to create the perfect list of people to spend the day with you. Make sure you have your wedding somewhere they can all make it too. Use a wedding guide to help you decide on the perfect location.


Have a Little Fun

You’ve got to have fun on your wedding day, and there are so many ways you can do it. Dot props around the venue for people to take pictures with, and hire entertainment that will get people laughing. Photobooths are very popular at weddings these days. You can even set up games. Use your imagination.

Plan the Seating Well

Plan the seating well so you put people together who you think will get along well. Everyone will have new friends for life in no time at all!

Create a Signature Cocktail (and have an open bar)

Creating a yummy signature cocktail will get people talking, and an open bar speaks for itself.

Don’t Drag on the Speeches

Listening to a well written, funny speech can be great. There’s nothing quite like a speech that makes people laugh and cry. Just don’t drag them on! Keeping them short and sweet, leaving people wanting more is the way to go.

Get Guests to Request Songs

Get guests to request songs at the start of the wedding so you know there’s something included for everybody at the party. You’ll have an eclectic mix of tunes and everybody will get in the party mood!

Have a wonderful day!

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