Too Busy For Balance

Jaysis lads, it’s been so hectic lately that I am losing the run of myself. 

I really need to reign it in and get that balance back in my life. I used to always get into work early and out early, to the gym five days a week and eat healthy AND still have time for myself. Lately it doesn’t seem to be following suit, it doesn’t help that I am choosing time to myself over anything else at the moment. I need to get back into my routine of going to the gym and eating better, I am just not happy with me body, at the end of the day that’s the reality of it and I need to do something about it. I am so stuck in this idea that if I don’t go to the gym at a certain time, I need to get out of that idea. Although it will be easier when I have my full license and can just drive to the branch of the gym nearest me whenever it suits.

I also need to get my routine check. I am getting up and going to work at different hours every day. I need to work on being up at the same time every day and in work for set hour, this is probably one of the disadvantages of working on a flexi time system, I can go in later if I like, but I think it is important to set yourself a time, so you keep a routine.

I think unhappiness is key to things getting like this. I think I have solved that problem though so here’s hoping.

How do you all keep balance in your life? I am trying to use my planner more I find that always makes me (and the brain) feel more in control.

Have a great week and good luck to anyone hearing about their CAO choices this week, I remember how nerve racking it was. Just remember that if you don’t get the course you want there is always another option and that everything happens for a reason.

Love always

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Shower Time | Routine

Okay so after all the depth of yesterday’s post I did promise a nail polish review. However when I sat down to do the review did I realise that I had only used the nail polish once and I couldn’t really review it. 
So instead I am going to talk ya’ll through my shower routine because that’s fun right? I normally shower before bed so this is kind of a bedtime routine.
So my shower is an electric shower so I don’t need to heat up any water.
I normally start the water running while I brush any knots out of my hair and brush my teeth and what not.
When I get into the shower I always stand there for a few minutes. I don’t know why I just like to stand there under the hot water. It does feel uber nice. If rain was hot water I’d be rather happy.
Then I shampoo and rinse my hair. At the minute I use Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume shampoo. My hair is really brittle so I would normally only wash and rinse once as I don’t think it can handle a second shampoo. Before I shampoo my hair I normally put 2 or 3 pumps of L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil just to try strenghten my hair.
Then I put conditioner in my hair. I use the Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume conditioner. I put a decent sized amount of it in my hair and leave it in for a few minutes. I put it in from mid lengths to ends. I tend to cover most of the hair and avoid the roots so they don’t clog up with product. While I leave the conditioner in my hair I tend to wash myself. I use a berry wash from the new €1.49 aisle in my local Tesco. It actually smells so nice. When I have washed my bod I normally use a wide tooth comb and comb all the knots out.
Then I normally shave my legs and stuff and wash my face with that medicated face wash I have.

Then I would normally rinse my hair and get out and dry off. My mam doesn’t like using the body lotions from sets so I’d normally steal which ever one she has left out, at the moment it’s Katy Perry.

But yeah that’s basically it. It’s not very exciting but yeah.
That’s all yer getting from me today 😀

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All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

My bad oral hygiene | Routine

I just wanted you all to know I am eating Frosties like crisps while I write this and watching The Mighty Boosh. I also just got another job rejection email. *sigh*
Lately I have been looking at starting to use a teeth whitening kit because I feel my teeth are getting a bit too yellowish. I was looking online to find good tooth whitening kits and all the recommendations were that you need a proper tooth care routine before you can really whiten your teeth and I realised I didn’t have the best oral hygiene routine. I mean I brushed twice a day but that was about it. I actually went to my chemist later on that day and they had oral hygiene stuff in a bag for €8 on special offer. 
I got this and decided it was time to get my shit together. 
So here’s my new teeth cleaning routine:
First of all I floss using Oral-B Satin Tape . I make sure to get into all the grooves and scrape off anything that may be lying there because there is no point cleaning and whitening your teeth if there is still gunk in between them.
Then I brush my teeth. I heap a good load of Oral- B Complete toothpaste (it’s a toothpaste and mouthwash) on my toothbrush (I think it’s an Oral – B Complete brush)and I brush for a good 2 to 3 minutes. I’ve taken to leaning really hard with my brush as well as it just makes them feel cleaner. I could be doing serious damage but sure. 
Then I rinse my mouth with mouthwash for thirty seconds to forty seconds with 15 ml of Oral-B Complete mouthwash. To finish I was using a whitening gel pen thing but it was only from a euro shop so it’s no good. It whitens a little but not an awful lot.  I will let you all know when I bother to invest in a proper whitening system. 
I have definitely noticed a difference though since I changed my routine up. My mouth feels cleaner and my teeth do look whiter!
Also just to let you all know I will have a competition running on my blog for two weeks from Wednesday so keep an eye out for that!

All my love,
Lynn Jo xox