The Ins & Outs Of Planning A Themed Wedding

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It’s no secret that every couple wants their wedding to be special. After all, your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. You want your big day to not only be fun and enjoyable for your guests but also unique enough that it’s remembered for many years to come. One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is as memorable as possible is to choose a theme. Vintage, Bollywood, Disney princesses, it doesn’t matter what – choose a theme that you love.

Themed weddings are not only more memorable but also a lot of fun to plan and partake in. Of course, they do come with a lot of work. But if you want your wedding to be remembered for many years to come, having a theme is a great idea. To make planning your themed wedding easier, here are a few useful tips. Take these on board and you can ensure that your big day goes off with a bang.

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Get inspired

When it comes to wedding planning, inspiration is key. Take some time to look at various wedding theme ideas, and see if one of those stands out. Look online at photos of themed weddings, if you find any that you like, do more research into them. Look for photos, find ideas for each area of your wedding, from the food to the favours, and get an idea of what it will take to pull off each theme. Talk to your partner and see what they think – this is important as your theme needs to be something that you’re both happy with. It could even link to the two of you. For instance, if you met while traveling, you could host a travel-themed wedding. Find a way to link your relationship to your wedding theme and it will be even more special.

Pick a suitable venue

Once you’ve selected a theme, the next step is to find a suitable venue. Don’t get too hung up on this matching your theme perfectly as decorations can have a big impact on the look and feel of a space. What you want is to find a venue that’s affordable, has enough space for all your guests, and has the potential to be transformed. This means looking for somewhere that is simple and has plenty of areas for decorations. Make sure that when you are viewing venues that you check it’s okay to use decorations and other bits and bobs to transform it into a themed space. Most places will say yes, but it’s still worth checking, just in case.

Incorporate your theme into everything

If you want your themed wedding to be a success, you need to incorporate your chosen theme into every aspect of your day. From the transport to the entertainment, your theme needs to touch every part of your wedding. This might take some careful thinking and planning, but it is doable. For instance, if your wedding is country themed, the food should be a BBQ or a hog or ram roast – something that fits the theme. Or, if you’re planning a vintage day, you need to send out vintage wedding invites. If your theme is glamour, your drinks should include champagne and fancy cocktails – you get the idea. It’s the small details that make all the difference.

Make it fun

Whatever your wedding theme, the most important thing is to make it fun. Regardless of the type of wedding you’ve planned, the most important thing is that it’s a fun and enjoyable day. Don’t be afraid to have a laugh. If something goes wrong, don’t stress about it, focus on the good things instead.

A themed wedding is a great way to ensure that your big day is as fun and memorable as possible. It will take a bit of planning, but once you’ve got all the details ironed out, it will be a fantastic day.

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Engagement Rings For Dummies: What To Consider

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You might be fortunate enough to be about to get married. You might simply be planning ahead and thinking of the future. Whatever your reason, it’s never too early to start considering the engagement ring of your dreams. Many men and women have strong ideas and preferences for their weddings from an early age. Long before they have met their partners! But when selecting your engagement ring, the last thing you want to feel is pressured or rushed. Weddings can often be stressful as well as exciting. There is a seemingly endless amount of detail to be organised. Venues, dates, catering, invites and more all has to be dealt with on the day. So whether your wedding day is imminent or not for some time in the future, a little forward planning never goes amiss.

Family Heirlooms

Before setting your heart on a specific style or brand of wedding ring, it is important to check with your partner. Your families may already have had an engagement ring in mind for you that belonged to them or had a special significance. You are perfectly entitled to select your own ring from scratch if you so choose. But many couples would still like to be aware of any family traditions or heirlooms in advance. You may already have a strong image of your engagement ring in your mind. But if you’re hoping for a more collaborative result, don’t hesitate to invite family members along for the shopping trip. It should always ultimately be your decision. Your engagement ring will become your own heirloom of sorts and will be worn every day up to the wedding and beyond! Being forever inspired and delighted by it is very important.

Materials and Finishes

Your personal style should have an influence over your choice of engagement ring. It has to suit your skin tone, daily clothes, and wedding dress all in one! While gold is a traditional wedding ring colour, engagement rings tend to be more varied. Verragio engagement rings are available in stunning platinum or white gold, for example. Other brands may have yellow gold, sterling silver and more. Consider whether you would want your engagement ring to be similar to or different from your wedding ring. Would you wear them both together? Or would your engagement ring simply become a treasured item in your jewellery box once you have your wedding ring? It is worth thinking about a style and finish that you feel will go timelessly with your style. Contemporary, striking finishes can be eye-catching. But it is important to consider whether they truly suit your personal style.

Big Or Small

Contrary to popular belief, it is not simply your budget that determines the size of your engagement ring stone. A number of other considerations should also be taken into account. The size of the band itself as well as your own hand should be taken into account. A smaller stone can be elegant and stop the hand from looking “swamped”. A larger stone may be more opulent and eye-catching to you though. It can be entirely a matter of personal taste. You should also consider the cut of the stone. Seek a professional jewelers advice on whether the stone should be cut large and broad or small and intricate to best bring out its beauty. There are no hard and fast rules except to create something that you truly fall in love with.

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How to Have an Incredible Wedding from Start to Finish

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Nobody dreams of having a mediocre wedding, do they? Everybody wants a dreamlike wedding, a real fairytale! Even if you don’t want a huge frilly princess dress with a ceremony in a castle, you want to be sure you can have an incredible wedding from start to finish. These tips will help you to do just that:

Make Your Own Playlist

Rather than hiring a cheesy DJ or putting someone else in charge of the wedding music, make your own playlist. This playlist will create the atmosphere for the day. You and all of your guests will likely remember some of the songs forever, so make them good! Take a good few hours and even days before the big day to make the perfect playlist. Include songs that mean a lot to you, and songs that you feel will get people up and dancing. You want people to go through a range of emotions, so make sure you take the order of the songs into account too. You might want to opt for slower songs to start with, then more dance-y songs. Afterwards you can slow down again.

Invite the People that Matter

You should never feel obligated to invite people to your wedding that don’t matter to you. You should be surrounded by the people that you love and who love you. Think of the people you’d invite to other special occasions too and go from there. Anybody else might kill the mood! It’s nothing against them, this day should just be spent with your nearest and dearest. Take the time beforehand to create the perfect list of people to spend the day with you. Make sure you have your wedding somewhere they can all make it too. Use a wedding guide to help you decide on the perfect location.


Have a Little Fun

You’ve got to have fun on your wedding day, and there are so many ways you can do it. Dot props around the venue for people to take pictures with, and hire entertainment that will get people laughing. Photobooths are very popular at weddings these days. You can even set up games. Use your imagination.

Plan the Seating Well

Plan the seating well so you put people together who you think will get along well. Everyone will have new friends for life in no time at all!

Create a Signature Cocktail (and have an open bar)

Creating a yummy signature cocktail will get people talking, and an open bar speaks for itself.

Don’t Drag on the Speeches

Listening to a well written, funny speech can be great. There’s nothing quite like a speech that makes people laugh and cry. Just don’t drag them on! Keeping them short and sweet, leaving people wanting more is the way to go.

Get Guests to Request Songs

Get guests to request songs at the start of the wedding so you know there’s something included for everybody at the party. You’ll have an eclectic mix of tunes and everybody will get in the party mood!

Have a wonderful day!

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